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Get Your Custom Corporate Awards to Kick Off the New Year

With 2018 just beginning, companies take this opportunity to honor and recognize the work of their outstanding employees have completed over the course of the past year, as well as the positive relationships they’ve cultivated with their clients and vendors.

Here at Spike’s Trophies, the premier providers of trophies and other types of custom awards in PA, we are ready to accept any and all new year orders for tailor-fitted corporate awards and other types of branded promotional products, as we have for many years.

We can place your company’s name and logo onto many of our products that you can give away to employees, clients, partners or anyone else that you choose. We’ll brand your logo on items like:

●  Clocks                                               ●   Drawstring bags
●  Pens                                                  ●   Mugs & glassware
●  Keychains                                         ●   USB flash drives
●  Foam footballs                                ●   Desk accessories
●  Paperweights                                   ●   And more!

Whether you’re looking for a plaque, trophy, medal or some other type of award, our experts will create it perfectly according to your individual needs, resulting in an amazing, durable award that anyone will be overjoyed to receive. You can decide whatever you want us to inscribe on your award, as well as which type of font it will be inscribed in. With a multitude of choices, we promise that anyone looking for an award, no matter how picky you are, will find something that fits their liking.

We create custom awards for you from a wide selection of materials and designs such as:

●   Plaques                                                     ●   Glass
●   Acrylic                                                       ●   Frames
●   Crystal                                                       ●   And more!

We urge you to visit our Center City showroom to check out our vast collection of first-rate awards, promotional products, trophies and plaques right here in PA. You’ll also be privy to our supply of sportswear, sculptures, frames, signage and more. If you want to place an order, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Give us a call at 855-652-4030 or fill out a contact form online.

Happy New Year from the whole team at Spike’s Trophies!

3 Fantasy Football Trophies for Your League

With the National Football League’s (NFL) regular season winding down, fantasy football owners are getting ready for the playoffs. The next few weeks will be full of trash talking, lineup tinkering, matchup studying and free agent claiming. Usually, money is on the line, but depending on how much, sometimes the real reward is the trophy!

Here at Spike’s Trophies, famous across the globe for our vast collection of incredible trophies, plaques, sculptures and any other kind of award you can imagine, we have a selection of fantasy football awards specially designed for fantasy league winners, as well as the losers!

Take a look at some of our favorites:

Fantasy Football Armchair Quarterback

Made in heights of eight and eleven inches, the Fantasy Football Armchair Quarterback trophy is a popular choice.


Its black base comes with a plate with an “FFL” logo made to look like the official NFL logo with space available for personalization. We’ve seen some strange fantasy league names!

Resting on the plate is the bronze-toned figure of the so-called armchair quarterback, representing the league champion who obviously did nothing but sit there and watch the real athletes play.


Fantasy Football Perpetual Trophy

Using the same figure of the armchair quarterback above, this wood-tone perpetual trophy consists of 12 plates so you can showcase the winning team year after year.


This trophy is 23 inches (almost two feet!) in height. Above the individual plates, there is a larger plate to customize with your fantasy football league’s name or whatever else you’d like it to say.


Last Place Toilet Bowl Award


The name says it all. For those of you (most of you) that like to poke fun at the team that ends the season in last place, this award is for your league!

Standing only 6.5 inches tall, this toilet bowl award is still able to be customized and includes the NFL-style FFL logo on the underside of the lid.


Although these are some our popular selections, any of our trophies and awards can be custom-made to serve as your fantasy football league’s championship reward if you want it to be!


To purchase one of our trophies and awards in PA in time for the end of the fantasy football season (normally Week 16 of the NFL’s regular season), head to our Center City showroom, call us at 855-652-4030 or place an order right here on our website.

Custom Corporate Awards & Promotional Holiday Giveaways

With the new year on the horizon, businesses often take this time to acknowledge the excellent work that their employees have done throughout the past year, as well as the prosperous relationships they’ve fostered with their clients.

Here at Spike’s Trophies, the leading company when it comes to conceiving trophies and awards in PA, is available to take on your year-end orders for custom-made corporate awards and branded promotional products, just like we have for the past several decades.

We specialize in creating customized awards in a vast array of materials and all types of designs, such as:

  • Plaques                                              ●   Glass awards
  • Acrylic awards                                   ●   Frames
  • Crystal awards                                  ●   Desk accessories
  • Clocks                                                 ●   And more!

Whether it’s a plaque, trophy or any other kind of award, our craftsmen will customize it carefully according to your particular selections, resulting in a beautiful, durable award that the recipient will be proud to display. You can choose what you want to be inscribed onto the award, along with what type of font, color and more. With so many options, we guarantee that there’s something just for you.

At Spike’s Trophies, we are also capable of implementing your company’s logo onto a majority of our products, which is perfect for creating branded knick-knacks to give away at your company’s holiday party or in a holiday gift bag for your clients. We’ll brand your logo on items like:

  • Keychains                                           ●   USB flash drives
  • Pens                                                    ●   Mugs & glassware
  • Clocks                                                 ●   Drawstring bags
  • Foam footballs                                  ●   Desk accessories
  • Paperweights                                    ●   And more!

We strongly encourage you to head to our Center City showroom to see our vast collection of top quality trophies, awards and promotional products in person. You’ll even see our huge selection of sportswear, signage, sculptures, frames and more. If you would like to find out more about our custom awards for PA or place a bulk order in time for the end of the year, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. You can visit our showroom, call us at 855-652-4030 or fill out a contact form right here on our website.

Happy holidays from the entire team here at Spike’s Trophies!

Choose Spike’s Trophies for Personalized Gifts This Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, the holiday season is gearing up to be in full swing. Most retail stores are already decorated and selling holiday-themed goods while airing themed commercials on television and radio. And of course, people everywhere are searching for the perfect, personalized gifts to buy for all their loved ones.

If you’re looking for superb customized items to give to your family and friends this holiday season, Spike’s Trophies is the place for you. We are ready and able to help you create the perfect personalized presents among the thousands of different items we supply.
We are considered to be the Greater Philadelphia area’s authority when it comes to customized awards and spirit wear, as well as a plethora of other choices for gifts this year, as we have for the past 85-plus years and counting. We continue to be a local mainstay for providing top-tier customized trophies and plaques, as well as clothing and all types of awards and products.

For your athletic family members and friends, we can produce customized spirit wear including jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants among other items that are perfect for the entire family to show off their favorite teams. With a multitude of options of personalizable products in a wide variety of colors, we have something that will suit the particular tastes of every member of the family.

If you’re an employer and you’re looking to reward your employees for a great year or fourth quarter, we also have plenty of corporate awards and desk accessories. With glass awards, plaques, medals and more, we have a vast array of items that we can produce to recognize an employee’s success. You can personalize any of our affordable awards with any name or company logo. Our inventory is also perfect for coming up with a holiday gift for all your employees or for a souvenir they can take home from the company holiday party.
Here at Spike’s Trophies, there are thousands of trophies and other products available to buy this holiday season. If you’d like to learn more or check out our inventory, please visit our Center City Showroom or continue browsing our website where you can place a bulk order.

Carson Wentz & the Philadelphia Eagles: 2017 Midseason Review

If the Super Bowl champions were crowned halfway through the season, it would be the Philadelphia Eagles holding trophies. Unfortunately for Philly sports fans, that is not the case. However, they have much to be excited about. Minus a few mishaps, the first half of the 2017 regular season has gone incredibly well. The Eagles sit atop not only their division but the entire National Football League with a blistering hot eight wins and only one loss.


The Good


In his sophomore season, quarterback Carson Wentz has progressed very nicely. Although his completion percentage is down by a mere 2%, he’s already thrown for 23 TDs, whereas last year he finished with 16. At this rate, he should have no problem more than doubling last year’s total by season’s end. Wentz is also on pace to throw fewer interceptions while throwing for more yards.


The receiving corps has been a vital factor in his success. Third-year receiver Nelson Agholor has shown significant improvement, already setting career highs for both TDs and yards in a season, and is on pace to easily surpass his reception total. Veteran wideout Alshon Jeffery, new to the Eagles this year, has also been solid. Agholor and Jeffery each have five TDs so far.


Zach Ertz, tight end for the Eagles since 2013, is on pace to set a career high in receiving yards while he has already set a new high in TDs.


The Bad


Every team suffers injuries. It’s the nature of the game. So far, they’ve lost veteran pass-catching running back Darren Sproles, veteran offensive tackle Jason Peters and star middle linebacker Jordan Hicks for the season due to injury. While they aren’t suiting up for games, they continue to impact the team behind the scenes – supporting, teaching and motivating their teammates as best as they can.


The Future


Although they lost Sproles due to injury and Ryan Mathews was cut back in August, they signed bruising running back LeGarrette Blount this past offseason who has contributed three TDs so far. And in even bigger news, the Eagles recently landed dynamic running back Jay Ajayi in a trade with the Miami Dolphins. He has the potential to make a major impact going forward, relegating Blount and fellow backs Corey Clement Wendell Smallwood to complementary roles where they are better suited.


If the Eagles continue to play this way, there will be many plaques and trophies in their future. They have a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl and Wentz is an early favorite to win the league’s most valuable player award.


Check back here (hopefully in February) to read the Philadelphia Eagles season review.

Shedding Light on Famous Awards: The Country Music Association Awards

At Spike’s Trophies, we literally go gaga over glass awards and trophies, whether headed to mantles in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. As lovers of awards and award ceremonies, we are eagerly awaiting this year’s 51st Annual Country Music Association Awards. Airing the 8th of November, they’ll unite the country superstars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. As far as events go, the CMAs are some of the most spectacular. Since 1958, they’ve been shining a light on the best of country music.

The Superstars

Who hasn’t heard of Brad Paisley or Carrie Underwood, right? Brad returns to the CMAs for his 10th consecutive year on the stage as co-host of the ceremony. Beyond being a host of legend, Brad Paisley’s also an accomplished vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, filmmaker, and a comedian to boot!  As of today, Brad has earned himself 24 #1 tracks in the country music genre. In 2017 he released his latest and 11th studio album, LOVE AND WAR—one that will likely garner awards of its own.

The American Idol superstar herself, Carrie Underwood is also making her 10th appearance on the CMAs as co-host. Dating back to her performance of “Jesus, Take the Wheel” back in 2005, she’s been a sensation in everything she’s done. Alongside Brad Paisley, she’ll be one amazing host this year, without a doubt. Carrie herself has been awarded six CMAs, such as the CMA Horizon Award, the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, and CMA’s Single of the Year.

The Gorgeous Trophies!

Honestly, who’d watch the CMAs if it weren’t for the rich walnut and sturdy marble trophies? We appreciate custom awards here in PA and the CMA Award trophy—conceived in ‘67—is no exception. A brass musical note adorns the front of the award, signifying style, strength, durability, and warmth. Because of the limited supply of walnut, its crafters transitioned to a crystal material in 1983. The trophy you see beaming on screen is assembled from a truly artisanal, hand-blown Florentine crystal. Spike’s Trophies can detect craftsmanship from a television or smartphone away.

As you’re celebrating the Country Music Association Awards this year, we invite you to take a gander at our selection of awards, trophies, and plaques. A little commemoration can make a superstar out of anyone!

Some of the Most Infamous Trophies in Sports Brought to You by Spike’s Trophies

If sports are about competition, then trophies are about commemoration, and reward. At Spike’s Trophies, just a state away from New Jersey, we value the athletic trophy that goes to your kids, as much as the professionals. We absolutely love everything about the design and look of them. In the eye of the beholder, there’s plenty of artistry and craftsmanship to appreciate.

In honor of all the golf, basketball, and baseball trophies we’ve collected and customized in PA, we wanted to revisit some of the most infamous in the industry.

The Crowned Champion

When you’re so talented at baseball that you’re winning the triple crown, perhaps a crown is in fact in order. Miguel Cabrera was awarded a golden, baseball-topped MLB crown back in 2012.

A Most Unfortunate Cup

You soccer fans out there have probably caught sight of the awkward golden globe that is the trophy of the FIFA World Cup. What irks us and any award connoisseur the most is that it is not a cup by any stretch of the imagination. Aside from that, it isn’t all that big as far as awards for worldwide championships go.

The Award for Most Literal

We pester the MLB again, remembering the real gold baseball glove and silver bat that they award to their most offensive and defensive player of the year. We wonder if anyone’s ever felt like playing a game of baseball with them.

Commissioner’s Paperweight

Call it what you will, but the winners of the MLB World Series certainly take home a strange one. As it so happens, the Commissioner’s Trophy is one of four major sports awards which does not commemorate a famous figure. A ring of flags almost resembles gigantic birthday candles.

A Single Most Fabulous Trophy

Women’s trophies deserve as much praise and highlight as any others. The golden plate of Wimbledon’s women’s singles trophy can only be compared to something regal, surpassing its male counterpart by a long shot. Side by side, they form one of the best pairs of trophies we’ve ever seen.

We hope you also appreciate the diversity and infamy of sports trophies. If you want to add an awesome and infamous trophy to your own personal collection, feel free to give us a call at Spike’s Trophies.

Famous Awards: The Golden Raspberry

The Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars, are world-renowned for honoring excellence in film every year. Clint Eastwood, Kathryn Bigelow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington and Cate Blanchett are just a few of the many incredible talents that have been awarded Oscars for their cinematic achievements.

On the other end of the spectrum are The Golden Raspberry Awards, commonly referred to as The Razzies. These awards are not as honorable. Each year, they recognize the worst that the film industry has to offer.

They named it after a raspberry to reference “blowing a raspberry.” The actual award consists of a golf ball-sized raspberry, placed upon a Super 8mm film reel. The entire statue is even spray-painted the color gold.

It Happens To The Best Of Us

In the 37-year history of the Golden Raspberries, some of those who have been “awarded” Razzies have also earned Academy Awards. Even the most talented filmmakers make bad choices or take part in not-so-great movies. Believe it or not, Al Pacino, Kevin Costner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Marlon Brando, and Will Smith have all managed to win awards for both excellence and disappointment.

While most of the “winners” won’t actually accept the award, there are some with a sense of humor that do.

In March of 2004, Ben Affleck jokingly complained that he was stiffed for not receiving his Worst Actor trophy, which he won for Gigli, Daredevil, and Paycheck collectively. Not long after, Affleck appeared on Larry King Live where he was given his trophy. “It’s a little cheap,” he said while pulling the trophy apart on live television. You can be sure that if you need trophies or awards in NJ, PA or beyond, it will be of higher quality than a Razzie.

The next year, Halle Berry attended the ceremony to accept her award for Worst Actress for the critically-panned Catwoman. She brought with her the Oscar she won for her excellent work in Monster’s Ball. Berry held it in one hand while she held the Golden Raspberry Award in the other exclaiming, “Thank you so much. I never in my life thought I would be up here,” poking fun at the speech she gave when she won the Academy Award.

If you want to honor someone for an incredible accomplishment, or as a fun gag, Spike’s Trophies is the place to go. Our customization of all kinds of products is top-notch. Although we normally provide trophies for NJ and PA, they are famous nationwide. Check back here to learn more about noteworthy trophies!

Joel Embiid: Trust The Process?

Originally planning on becoming a professional volleyball player, Joel Embiid started playing basketball when he was 15 years old. The next year, he moved from Africa to the United States to fully commit to his new goal – playing professional basketball.

Off to a good start, he attended the University of Kansas, where there is a rich history of successful college basketball. After only playing one year, the seven-footer declared that he’d be submitting his name into the 2014 NBA Draft pool.

High Prospects, Major Setbacks

Just six days before the draft, he had the broken navicular bone in his right foot surgically repaired, putting him on the shelf for an estimated four to six months. Still, the Philadelphia 76ers selected him third overall, accomplishing his goal of becoming an NBA player.

Unfortunately, that original estimation turned out to be inaccurate. Four to six months soon became a year. A CT scan discovered his foot wasn’t healing properly, and one year became two years after undergoing a second surgery. In all, Embiid missed two entire seasons.

He played in his first NBA game in 2016. Embiid started at center for Philadelphia’s first preseason game, recording six points, four rebounds, and two blocks in 13 minutes of playing time.

On Oct. 26, 2016, he finally made his long-anticipated regular season debut. He scored 20 points, snagged seven boards, and blocked two shots, playing 25 minutes. His success continued as the NBA named him the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for October, November, December, and January.

Things were finally looking up for Joel and the 76ers until it was revealed in early February that he tore his left meniscus. He was eventually ruled out for the rest of the season.

Trust The Process

Playing in only 31 games over three seasons, he’s averaging 20.2 points per game and 7.8 rebounds per game. The talent and skill are clearly there. His potential is through the roof. But obviously the question remains, can he stay healthy?

After tanking to secure better draft picks, the phrase “Trust the Process” became incredibly popular among fans and journalists, so Embiid nicknamed himself – “The Process.” It seems as though trusting the actual process paid off, as they now have a wealth of young talent in their organization – including Jahlil Okafor, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and Markelle Fultz. But can Philadelphia trust “The Process?” He wants to stay healthy and bring basketball trophies to PA for many years to come, but his track record says that might not be likely. Only time will tell.

For the best trophy company serving NJ and PA, visit Spike’s Trophies! And don’t forget to check back here to learn more about the athletes that play here in Philadelphia.

Kevin Durant Parades The Larry O’Brien Trophy Through Hometown

Thursday, August 17, 2017 was Kevin Durant Day in his hometown in Prince George’s County. Kevin Durant was honored with his very own day, riding down Seat Pleasant Drive in a silver Corvette, greeting fans with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The Golden State Warriors won their second NBA championship in three years – earning them this famous, iconic award.

It might not have been the image of Kevin Durant parading through his hometown while holding the Larry O’Brien championship trophy that Wizards fans had hoped for when Durant was the league’s most sought after free agent last summer. But needless to say, they were excited to have him home.

Durant, who has donated over one million dollars to the community, greeted every fan so they could take pictures and sign autographs, of which there were an estimated 20,000 that showed up to take part in the festivities. The money goes toward improving the local basketball courts and gyms, where Durant himself played when he was younger.

Parading through the streets that he grew up in and hoisting a trophy like that must have been surreal for Durant. All the children in attendance who look up to him, both literally and figuratively, would normally only dream of winning such a trophy. But Kevin Durant is living proof that dreams can come true.

The trophy is named after Larry O’Brien, who was the commissioner of the National Basketball Association from 1975 to 1984. During his nine years serving as commissioner, O’Brien completed several important deals that catapulted basketball into the national spotlight, helping it become the popular sport it is today. Such deals include the infamous ABA-NBA merger, modifications to the college draft, an anti-drug agreement with the NBA Players Association, as well as many other significant changes that improved the League. If it weren’t for him, we might not ever have heard of a player like Kevin Durant.

Playing with fellow superstars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, Durant has a great opportunity to bring this trophy home for the next few years and the Warriors can go down in the history books as a true dynasty.

Hopefully, someday soon, we’ll see the likes of Claude Giroux, Joel Embiid, or Carson Wentz parading through PA with trophies and awards.

If you’re interested in personalized products and awards like medals, trophies, and plaques in NJ and PA, visit Spike’s Trophies!