Spike’s Trophies: Your Destination for Custom…Sunglasses?

When Keith Baldwin walked into Spike’s Trophies and saw what his team was working on, he was just as surprised as you will be finding out about the newest service that we offer. In addition to various trophies and awards and ribbons for PA residents, we can also print decals onto the arms of your glasses and sunglasses! Custom sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular, so this service is going to be something that everyone in Philadelphia should take advantage of!

The potential applications for printed sunglasses are practically limitless. If you want a little something extra on an ordinary pair of sunglasses to make them stand out in a crowd, having some personalization should be a great way to draw attention and have people admire your cunning sense of style. A great way to show off a bit and add some flair to your appearance is having your name printed along your sunglasses arms. There are plenty of possibilities with the services of Spike’s Trophies at your disposal!

Custom sunglasses make for exceptional free promotional items, and if you are a business looking to get your name out there, then having pairs of printed sunglasses with your branding on them is a great way to raise awareness of your company. Our laser printer can put your logo on any number of sunglass arms that you need, so you can grow your brand and make your presence known at any of your appearances and generate some free publicity whenever somebody wears that free pair of sunglasses you gave them. Better yet, having Spike’s Trophies print your branding onto sunglasses gives your employees a way of representing the business when attending company functions!

The surprise that Keith felt is a testament to how many unique services that we offer at Spike’s Trophies. From printed sunglasses to retirement plaques to golf awards for PA customers, there is no shortage of possibilities of what Spike’s Trophies can do for you, your team, or your company. To learn more about all the services that we offer – including some of the ones you might not know about – contact us today!