Recognize Your Organization Through Perpetual Awards!


At Spike’s Trophies, we specialize in more than just your typical trophies and awards. We have an entire range of services that you may not have even known that we offered, including perpetual awards! For those unfamiliar with the term, a perpetual award is a way to recognize the winner of a specific award or someone who achieves a particular accomplishment with each new recipient. Perpetual awards are great ways to commemorate employee of the month winners, tournament champions for your sports league, or any other achievement where a new winner is being named.

When you come to Spike’s Trophies for your perpetual award, we can craft it into any shape and design you would like, and can even provide you with custom printed name badges to recognize each winner. A recent example we’ve had come into our shop is from Lincoln Tech. They wanted to acknowledge each military veteran that had completed their program, so we were able to put together a perpetual award for them so that this achievement can forever be honored. The following video explains a little bit about what we did for their perpetual award:

Need a creative way to present and commemorate this award? Don’t worry! The creative team at Spike’s Trophies can help you brainstorm something that will be both symbolic and eye-popping. We want your award to grab attention, whether that is a sports milestone on the walls of a high school or a running list of superlatives that your office hands out to employees. With Spike’s Trophies working on your perpetual award, there’s no shortage of ideas that we can use.

Perpetual awards are just one of the many unique offerings that we offer at Spike’s Trophies. From something as simple as custom name badges or logo printing to something more outside the box like personalized mirrors or custom chocolate gifts, the number of things that we do here is unrivaled. For over 90 years, Spike’s Trophies has been a name that Philadelphians can trust for their awards, trophies, and other ways to recognize somebody, and perpetual awards are something that anyone can enjoy.

To learn more about our services or to get started creating your perpetual award, contact Spike’s Trophies today!