Helping Others Manage COVID-19 With Custom Signs

Our everyday lives have changed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to affect the Greater Philadelphia Area. Aside from the health scare that has been present, this pandemic has also resulted in adverse effects from an economic standpoint and has made life a bit more chaotic for the essential workers who must still report to their jobs. These include grocery store clerks, auto mechanics, and, of course, medical professionals who are treating those affected.

As you can imagine, hospitals are in a state of chaos with the number of patients being admitted. Seeing this, Spike’s Trophies wanted to find a way to help and support those who are working on the front lines. From this came an opportunity to provide hospitals in the area, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, with directional signs to help control the flow of COVID-19 testing and admittance.

Fortunately, Spike’s Trophies has years of experience creating custom signs for Philadelphia institutions, which we were able to put to good use for those who need it most. Since the shutdown orders began in mid-March, we have been continuously looking for ways to assist those in need and make a difference. Some of our efforts include taking phone calls for virus screenings and taking orders for face covers to protect those who must leave their homes for essential reasons.

IMG_0387 (1)

The directional signs you see pictured here are ones that we have recently provided for CHOP. As patients come in by the hundreds for COVID testing and treatment — on top of any other medical procedures — maintaining a sense of order is necessary to keep things moving. CHOP used these signs that we have created to guide those coming in for testing to the appropriate locations. Having these signs in place not only takes some stress away from the workers at the hospital but it also allows the testing to run more efficiently and thus allows more people to receive testing.

Spike’s Trophies will continue to look for ways to help our community as we continue to fight through this pandemic. We wish for nothing more than to be back to our normal routine of providing sports awards to PA and beyond, but until then, we need to stay diligent and keep up our efforts of flattening the curve. To learn more about what you can do to help, contact us today.