Show Your Philly Pride with Custom Designed Face Masks

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has tested us in ways we never anticipated. Due to this, we have pivoted our services to help the community and make our “new normal” easier to navigate. Social distancing guidelines and mask protocols transformed our daily lives, and wearing masks in public on the way to the grocery store feels impersonal as if our personalities are lost in the shuffle. Spike’s Trophies saw this, and since the demand isn’t there for our usual custom engraved plaques and other awards, we wanted to do our part in giving us control and personality in the masks that we wear by offering customized masks.

A Little Personality Goes a Long Way

In Philadelphia, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. You generally know exactly who someone roots for, and, in turn, roots against (looking at you Dallas, Pittsburgh, and New York) within a few minutes of small talk. While we wait patiently for baseball, basketball, hockey, and football to come back into our lives, we can still celebrate our teams and the connections we made through our love of sports. Through Spike’s Trophies, you can customize your mask to show your team pride with Philly sports logos, Gritty, the Phanatic, or a classic “Dallas Sucks” adorned on your mask.

If you want to show some school pride, for either your current school, alma mater, or schools your children attend, we can accommodate your needs as well. We can create custom designs, including your company or organization’s logos and slogans, to showcase your pride in what makes you unique.

Showing your pride and personality on your face mask may not be how you envisioned your 2020 back in January. However, it speaks volumes to the strength of the American people when we rally together to help each other through this crisis. Before long, you will hang up your Spike’s Trophies custom-designed mask, order a fresh batch of Philadelphia sports awards for Pop Warner football and Little League, and we will be on the other side of COVID-19 looking at a brighter tomorrow.