The Doc Is In: Doc Rivers Signs 5 Year Contract to Coach The Sixers

After seven long years of downs, downs, more downs, then ups, and a pandemic altered final season, Brett Brown is out as the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Coach Brown lasted through the duration of The Process that saw the team fall to the bottom of the NBA totem pole, as well as the Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons era of untapped potential that got fans thinking an NBA title wasn’t entirely out of the question. After underachieving throughout 2020 while failing to get out of the Playoff Bubble’s first round, Coach Brown was relieved of his duties. No word if anyone will be commissioning any customized basketball trophies to commemorate Coach Brown’s time in Philadelphia.

With Coach Brown’s firing, the quest for the Sixers next head coach got underway relatively quickly. When one of the NBA’s premier coaches suddenly became available, the Sixers jumped and brought in the legendary Doc Rivers to right the ship. But does he have a chance to do that with this roster?

What Doc Rivers Brings to the Sixers

Aside from the years of proven experience leading star-laden rosters to deep playoff runs and navigating the Los Angeles Clippers through the Donald Sterling fiasco, Doc Rivers brings stability to the organization. One well-documented problem with the Sixers this past season was the lack of accountability up and down the organization. Dating back to Jimmy Butler’s all too brief stop in the City of Brotherly Love, the coaching staff’s concept of not holding the team’s stars accountable for their individual progress and team performance has been the running narrative surrounding the team.

With Coach Rivers’ history of navigating the big personalities of the Boston Celtics’ Big Three of the Late-2000′s and the ups and downs of the LA Clippers’ Lob City teams, the front office and fans hope that Coach Rivers can bring the team over the hump.

Culture Change Incoming?

Within the NBA, the topic of clubhouse culture and accountability surfaces for every team at one point or another. NBA stars are some of the most vocal about their feelings about the front office, coaching staff, opponents, and anything else on their mind — and they can alter an entire organization’s trajectory with a single statement. All you have to do is remember the kind of power Kahwi Leonard wielded when he wanted out of San Antonio. You saw it with Jimmy Butler calling out Brett Brown during film sessions as well.

Doc Rivers should bring that sense of dependability, respect, integrity, and hustle back to the Sixers. These values have formed the foundation for the Philadelphia area as a whole — and they make up Spike’s Trophies core values as well. Our core values include care, dependability, respect, win-win, fun, integrity, yes, hustle, lean, and learn. We’ve run our business by these foundational values, and strive to show every one of our clients the same level of dedication to these values that Doc Rivers will bring to the Sixers organization.

Having a coach who can navigate the egos and get everyone on the same page is critical for the NBA’s success. Doc Rivers has the history and respect of the players; the only question is, does he have the right roster to maximize his two cornerstones’ talents in Embiid and Simmons? This offseason and the moves the front office makes will ultimately tell the tale.

While we wait for the NBA Draft to come around and give us a glimpse into the Sixers’ future, perhaps you might be looking for plaque engraving or other trophy services to commemorate the brighter times in Philadelphia sports lore. If so, contact Spike’s Trophies to learn how we can help you with all your trophy needs and questions!