Bringing PPE to the Our First Responders

Going into 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a significant part of everyday life. Calls for social distancing, use of PPE, and people to stay vigilant still rule the day. Getting PPE into the hands of the people who desperately need it remains a challenge for local governments and policymakers while the COVID-19 vaccine begins its initial rollout. However, finding enough PPE for their essential hospital workers has become a tricky proposition, whether it be for doctors, nurses or other staff members. However, since we have pivoted in response to the ongoing crisis to develop PPE in the form of masks, gloves, sneeze guards, face shields, and more, we are now able to get them the PPE supplies necessary to stay safe while caring for others and administering these vaccines. 

Making the Transition

Spike’s Trophies has expanded past merely being Philadelphia’s top choice for engravings and into the realm of trusted PPE suppliers. As detailed in our YouTube series, I Didn’t Know You Did That, we have discussed how our team used our existing supply chain and manufacturing practices to pivot into making accessible PPE. We’ve discussed the sneeze guards, face coverings, hand sanitizer, and other PPE products we have begun producing over the last year. Now that we have gotten our legs under us and have been pushing our PPE production forward, becoming a part of the critical supply chain for our customers became the next step. 

Providing Support Where We Can

With COVID cases on the rise and hospitals nearing capacity, finding PPE to distribute to where they are most needed became one of the highest priorities. Adding reliable sources to the PPE supply chain was one of the most critical tasks to help the hospitals struggling to outfit their staff properly. Spike’s Trophies has proudly stepped up to join the supply chain and provide the equipment required to continue to keep people safe from the spread of the virus. We are proud to help combat this pandemic however we can and look forward to our PPE products getting into the hands of the essential workers that need them. 

Spike’s Trophies has proudly answered the call during these unprecedented times through our continued efforts to bring high quality and well-made PPE products to our customers. In addition to the PPE we offer, our team can also create exterior signs to help direct traffic and provide necessary information to practices, including social distancing signs where necessary. Contact Spike’s Trophies to place an order for your next batch of PPE today!