Going Outside the Box: How Spike’s Trophies Answers the Call To Help Others

The COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone through the wringer in one form or another. One aspect of this pandemic that has hit particularly hard is the loss of jobs and the struggles of unemployment centers to fulfill everyone’s needs. In these challenging times, knowing that you have somewhere to go in your current situation and make an effort to claim your benefits can make all the difference. It’s why members of the Spike’s Trophies team, known as one of Philadelphia’s best engraving services, have begun partnering with AnswerNet to assist California and New York — two of the states hit hardest by COVID-19 — with unemployment calls. 

A Friendly Voice in Your Hour of Need

With people losing their jobs and homes while still having to scrape by to keep their families fed, receiving unemployment benefits is crucial now more than ever. In cases like these, people feel frustrated with the backups in unemployment centers and not having anyone to speak to about their situation, going hours, days, and sometimes even weeks without help. Spike’s Trophies is lending our workforce towards fielding some of these calls to help alleviate that stress.

How Spike’s Trophies Is Helping During the Pandemic

The need for people operating these phone lines has risen dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Members of our team have taken up the call and have been staffing call centers and will continue to do so through March. Helping people in need has become an explicit part of our team’s ethos, and we wish to continue heeding that call for as long as we can by assisting those looking for unemployment benefits. 

In the face of an ongoing pandemic, we need to take the time to focus on what is truly important. Answering the call to do right by others is a critical part of our business model. Care, Dependability, and Integrity are three of the core values that we were built on, and finding a way to help others find relief through one of the most taxing times of our lives is all part of the job for us.

While members of the Spike’s Trophies team have taken up the call to assist unemployment callers, we still provide our customers with anything they need, including PPE equipment, exterior signs, and personalized drinkware. Contact our team to learn more!