Face Covers, Award Shipments, and More: We Have You Covered!

Spike’s Trophies may have made our name making football trophies for our customers to commemorate athletic achievements. Still, since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have stretched our capabilities into new areas. To keep our customers appraised of what these new developments cover, our fearless leader Keith Baldwin has taken to YouTube with our series, “I Didn’t Know You Did That,” to tell our customers about these new products that they may not have known we make!

In our two most recent episodes, we cover the new (and handy) face cover holders, and for those who still want to acknowledge the accolades of your employees with physical awards for your virtual awards ceremonies, we also offer dropshipping on all of our awards!

Face Mask Holders For Every Occasion 

It’s a unique problem that has arisen during the quarantine. You’re sitting down at work, the grocery store, or a restaurant and want to get up and move around a bit but can’t find your mask. You start rifling through every one of your pockets, trying to remember exactly where you put your mask. Instead of doing that dance for 5 minutes only to find you left it on the table, the face mask holders offered by Spike’s Trophies give you a secure way of keeping track of your mask throughout the day. Our mask holders are specially made lanyards with clips on the end that attach to your mask and keep it safely around your neck. We even offer an option to keep in your car! It safely and securely goes around your rearview mirror so you can always keep track of where your mask is.

Drop-Shipped Awards

During the pandemic, countless essential workers and other Americans have gone to work, day in and day out, to keep the country running. Many companies have started hosting virtual award ceremonies to honor their employees for their service during these difficult times to recognize their efforts. While the recognition during the ceremony is the main draw, people still want that tangible feeling of accomplishment by having the award in hand. Thanks to Spike’s Trophies, we offer dropshipping on all of your corporate awards so they can be in the hands of the recipients as soon as possible. We want to help you properly recognize the contributions of your employees during these stressful times. Our dropshipping services cover acrylic, crystal, plaques, and other trophy varieties.

Spike’s Trophies aims to provide our customers with the best awards, trophies, and now PPE equipment. As our capabilities expand and we continue to find new and unique ways to help our community, Keith will continue to use “I Didn’t Know You Did That” to inform our customers of all of the things we can make for you that you didn’t think was possible. Like, Follow, and Subscribe to the Spike’s Trophies YouTube Channel today to learn more!