Employee Recognition – Practicing what we preach

We recently recognized one of our own showroom managers with our “MVP” award which was a plaque, simply engraved, stating…

… the outstanding accomplishments in sales for the past year and for the leadership of the turnaround of our leading location. This turnaround included a dramatic increase in the recipient’s personal sales, which was over 50%. The award was presented among his peers, by our sales manager, at a holiday luncheon. The recipient received the award in the middle of a local restaurant to the chants of “MVP, MVP, MVP” from all in attendance. It was an emotional moment. It represented recognition for all the hard work put in to achieve the recognized accomplishment.
I was personally reminded of the importance of what we do in providing recognition while I sat there observing the sincere reaction. I was reminded again the following day when I was shown a hand written card, with stickman figures drawn with “Dad” pictured in work and “Mommy”, Daniel” and “Me” pictured at home, depicting our MVP’s family. The stick figures had the words “Yeah” coming from their mouths. The card said “Good Job Daddy, Love Kelly”. The card was given to the recipient of the MVP award (Dad) by his 7 year old daughter (Kelly) showing Mommy and her younger brother Daniel cheering their Dad from home as Dad holds up the plaque won at work.

The power of recognizing employees is one of the best kept secrets in management today. Sincerity in doing so is the key that opens the door to this secret.


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