Recognition: Info & Fun Facts – What’s Hot

“What’s Hot” or new is a question we get asked frequently when working on new recognition requests and concepts….

Design, Mixed Media and Color! Today’s customers want a creative blend of color, creativity and contour. As a result, award designers and manufacturers are offering new unique products to satisfy this need. One increasingly popular way of addressing the requests are the use of more creative, attention-catching designs in acrylic, glass and crystal utilizing bevels, angles, contours, varying degrees of thicknesses, and other manufacturing techniques to create unique contemporary dramatic designs. The designs are enhanced by marrying various metals, resin, exotic woods or stone bases or highlights – combining and mixing mediums.
20070709-crystal2 20070709-acrylic4

To further enhance these creative designs we’ve noticed trends in adding color to the designs such as hot-stamped digital images applied to the acrylic/glass/crystal designs and in some case four-color process images applied directly to acrylics. Both sides of the item can be customized to give imprinting a layered look. These new awards seem to approach the realm of art, with their creativity, design, different materials utilized and color.

20070709-acrylic3 20070709-arcylic2

So when we are asked “What’s Hot” in Recognizing Everyday Greatness, our answer has been “Design, Mixed Media and Color”!

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