Famous Awards: The Naismith Trophy

At Spike’s Trophies, we know that an outstanding performance deserves to be commended. During those last seconds of regulation, when it’s a close game and the pressure is on, a player that can shake off the nerves and drain bucket after bucket is called a ‘clutch’ player. We think awards are pretty clutch too. Whether it’s high school baseball plaques and trophies or Basketball on the national stage, a trophy is the perfect compliment to achievement.


Each year The Naismith Trophy is awarded to exemplary performances in non-professional Basketball. The categories for the trophy include College Player of the Year, College Coach of the Year, College Official of the Year, Outstanding Contributor to Basketball, High School Player of the Year and High School Coach of the year. The award is given to both men and women in all categories with the exception of Official of the Year and Contributor to Basketball.


The Naismith Trophy is considered the most prestigious award in all of non-professional Basketball, and for good reason, it’s awarded based on an entire season’s performance, not a tournament. The trophy gets its name from Dr. James Naismith, the man who invented Basketball in 1891 and was first awarded to UCLA’s Lew Alcindor (later known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) in 1969.


The award itself was first designed and sculpted by Marty C. Dawe and has remained mostly the same for College Men’s Player of the Year, it depicts a player holding the ball to their side and raising one leg as if they are driving to the basket. The sculpture is plated gold and stands atop a wooden base with the achievement inscribed on the front side.


Each year, the winners for all categories are announced between March and mid-April. The award is given by the Atlanta Tipoff Club, an organization dedicated to promoting, developing and celebrating the sport of Basketball.


We’re always happy to see college basketball, who doesn’t love March Madness? The glamor of The Naismith Trophy is just one reason to watch all season. Whether it’s one of our customized awards in New Jersey or the biggest achievement in college basketball, we just love to see people get the recognition they deserve.