Jordan Burroughs is a Role Model for Up and Coming Athletes

One thing that we’re taught throughout life is to work hard, and you can make anything possible. There are some people that turn that bold statement into truth and encourage other people to follow in their hardworking footsteps. Jordan Burroughs is one of those people. He has a work ethic that never tires, and it helped him achieve the dream of a lifetime – an Olympic gold medal in London. And all of those success stories need to begin somewhere.


For this American wrestler, his success story began when he won his first trophy when he was just six years old. The best part about it was that it wasn’t even a trophy for winning, it was a participation trophy. That trophy impacted Jordan though and inspired him to do his best to keep winning more. It taught him exactly what hard work can do.

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From a participation trophy to an Olympic gold medal, no one can deny that Jordan Burroughs’ story is inspiring. He says that his work ethic comes from his parents, which he learned from his blue-collar construction worker father.

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For Jordan Burroughs, losing wasn’t an option. He worked hard every single day to become what he is today. We look forward to encouraging the youth of America to work as hard as him. Trophies are a motivation for hard work and success. To learn more about our trophies, awards, plaques, and more, contact us at 855-652-4030.