The Commissioner’s Trophy

Bottom of the 9th. One strike. One ball. As few as two pitches will decide a defeat or a victory and will be rewatched across the world for years to come. The pitcher covers the bottom portion of his face with his mit, staring at the catcher as he signals the next throw. The pitcher shakes his head, shakes it again and then nods in agreement. He looks towards the catcher, but his eyes are miles away, envisioning the trajectory of the ball as it cuts through the air. The pitcher pulls his hands behind his back, pulls a foot into the air and then hurls the ball towards the catcher, watching the red stitches in the ball blur as they revolve dozens of times per second. The batter locks eyes with the ball as it travels closer to the plate, slowly moving horizontally away from his chest. The batter swings…


The World Series is an undeniably exciting time to be a baseball fan, as the best team from the National League and the American League compete to be the MLB’s reigning champions. At Spike’s, we’ll be watching each game from the edges of our seats.


Known for our trophies and awards in Philadelphia, we have to respect some of the most iconic commemorative items in all of sports, one in particular is The Commissioner’s Trophy.


Awarded to the baseball team that wins The World Series each year since 1967, The Commissioner’s Trophy is one of the four most important awards in American sports, alongside the Stanley Cup, Larry O’Brien Trophy and Vince Lombardi Trophy.


The Commissioner’s Trophy was named in 1985 and stands as the only major sports trophy that does not carry the name of a person with it. The current iteration was designed in 1999 by Lawrence Voefele, and first awarded in 2000.


Manufactured by Tiffany & Co., the trophy stands more than two feet tall and is 11 inches in diameter. Depicting 30 flags around a stylized baseball diamond with a silver baseball in the center, the trophy is 30 pounds, mostly comprised of sterling silver.


On October 25th, The World Series begins.


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