3 Ways A Company Can Recognize Their Employees

Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work and success every once in awhile. If no one notices your efforts or achievements, it can be discouraging. The work can feel pointless. Sometimes that little pat on the back is enough to make someone try a little harder and put more effort into their work. At Spike’s Trophies, we create all kinds of unique pieces that can serve as corporate recognition awards for our customers in Philadelphia. But there are many other ways to recognize an employee’s efforts in the workplace.

1. Everyday Recognition
This type of recognition isn’t extravagant and should be done often. It can be as simple as verbal praise for a job well done, one-on-one or during a meeting for all to hear. If someone may be embarrassed for being highlighted, it may be better to tell them personally. Or, you can execute this through email, social media, or even a company newsletter for others to see. This doesn’t just have to be given from managers to their employees. Employees can also be encouraged to praise each other. This helps develop camaraderie and a positive work environment.

2. Informal
There are several informal, low-cost options when it comes to recognizing an achievement. Any employee should be eligible for such recognition. Although, the amount of awards or how this can be done should be based on the goals of the company or department. This could be in the way of a surprise pizza party, so everyone gets to benefit, or a small gift card ($25 – $100). Instead of just handing the gift card to the recipient, another method of delivering it is to mail it to the person’s home along with a thank you card. That way, the other employees are unaware of it. Alternatively, the recipient’s family will see it and be proud of their loved one.

3. Formal
More formal forms of recognition aren’t given out as often. They can be the endgame of a more structured event or program. Nominations and voting can be held. There can be a formal ceremony as an end of the quarter or end of the year celebration. These are made public for everyone to recognize. The criteria for these kinds of programs are based on the objectives of the company. Not as many employees are recognized this way, holding it in higher esteem. These awards can be a certificate, plaque, desk clock, watch, etched crystal, engraved acrylic, or any combination of those and more.

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