Some of the Most Infamous Trophies in Sports Brought to You by Spike’s Trophies

If sports are about competition, then trophies are about commemoration, and reward. At Spike’s Trophies, just a state away from New Jersey, we value the athletic trophy that goes to your kids, as much as the professionals. We absolutely love everything about the design and look of them. In the eye of the beholder, there’s plenty of artistry and craftsmanship to appreciate.

In honor of all the golf, basketball, and baseball trophies we’ve collected and customized in PA, we wanted to revisit some of the most infamous in the industry.

The Crowned Champion

When you’re so talented at baseball that you’re winning the triple crown, perhaps a crown is in fact in order. Miguel Cabrera was awarded a golden, baseball-topped MLB crown back in 2012.

A Most Unfortunate Cup

You soccer fans out there have probably caught sight of the awkward golden globe that is the trophy of the FIFA World Cup. What irks us and any award connoisseur the most is that it is not a cup by any stretch of the imagination. Aside from that, it isn’t all that big as far as awards for worldwide championships go.

The Award for Most Literal

We pester the MLB again, remembering the real gold baseball glove and silver bat that they award to their most offensive and defensive player of the year. We wonder if anyone’s ever felt like playing a game of baseball with them.

Commissioner’s Paperweight

Call it what you will, but the winners of the MLB World Series certainly take home a strange one. As it so happens, the Commissioner’s Trophy is one of four major sports awards which does not commemorate a famous figure. A ring of flags almost resembles gigantic birthday candles.

A Single Most Fabulous Trophy

Women’s trophies deserve as much praise and highlight as any others. The golden plate of Wimbledon’s women’s singles trophy can only be compared to something regal, surpassing its male counterpart by a long shot. Side by side, they form one of the best pairs of trophies we’ve ever seen.

We hope you also appreciate the diversity and infamy of sports trophies. If you want to add an awesome and infamous trophy to your own personal collection, feel free to give us a call at Spike’s Trophies.