October’s Most Coveted Trophy: The Commissioner’s Trophy

The crisp, cool, October air is now beginning to set in across our region. This signifies fall is finally here! It also means playoff baseball is in full swing. Any sports fan will tell you that the month of October is one of the best sports months of the year. With the luxury of watching football games on Saturdays and Sunday, the beginning of the NBA and NHL seasons, and MLB in the heat of a postseason race, who doesn’t love being a sports fan in October?


Even if your favorite team is not playing in the Fall Classic, there is no denying that the World Series is one of the most exciting times to be a fan of baseball. With the best teams from the National League and American League vying to become the reigning MLB champion, we know our whole team at Spike’s will be on the edge of their seats watching each game.


Since our trophy company near NJ is known for custom trophies and awards, it’s safe to say we have respect for the various trophies awarded in professional sports. Let’s take a deeper look into what makes this trophy so unique.


The Commissioner’s Trophy


When a champion is eventually crowned at the end of an MLB season, they are awarded The Commissioner’s Trophy. This trophy has been given to the winners of the World Series each year since 1967. This iconic trophy is among one of the four most important trophies in American sports, standing alongside the Vince Lombardi Trophy, Stanley Cup, and Larry O’Brien Trophy.


Standing more than two feet tall and nearly a foot in diameter, The Commissioner’s Trophy is manufactured by luxury jewelry retailer, Tiffany & Co. The trophy depicts thirty flags around a baseball diamond with a silver baseball in the middle. Weighing thirty pounds, it’s not overbearing and is comprised of mostly sterling silver.


The current iteration of The Commissioner’s Trophy was designed in 1999 and first awarded in 2000 to the New York Yankees. To this day, The Commissioner’s Trophy stands alone as the only major sports trophy not named after a specific person.


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