Recap: President Keith Baldwin Makes an Appearance on RVN-TV Podcast “Connect to Success”

Just recently, Keith Baldwin, our President here at Spike’s Trophies, made an appearance on the RVNTV podcast show “Connect to Success” with host Ashley Owens. The topic of this close to 30-minute discussion was centered around networking and setting yourself up for success in business. If you’re unfamiliar with the storied history that lead to Spike’s becoming the go-to provider of custom plaques and trophies in Philadelphia, Keith explains all that and more on this episode of RVNTV’s “Connect To Success” podcast.

What are some of the key takeaways you can learn from the following video? Check out the video below and our breakdown of a few of our favorite points Keith discussed during his interview.

Will You Sink or Swim?

After graduating high school, then dropping out of Temple University to run what looked like a “left-for-dead” company, Keith learned how to operate his business through what many would consider baptism by fire. Even with all the ups and downs along the way, Keith kept a positive attitude, branched out, and continuously tried to prove his trophy company’s worth to customers.

That’s why it’s no surprise that he attributes hard work as being one of the most important keys to success. Through hard work and customer care, Keith was able to establish Spike’s Trophies as the preeminent provider of trophies across the Philadelphia region.


Build a Strong Network

While discussing his journey to success as President of Spike’s, Keith explained that networking was and is his most effective way to handle business. However, for Keith, it took a while for him to fully feel comfortable in networking situations. In a way to better himself as a business owner, he enrolled in Dale Carnegie Professional Development Courses, became a member of various business relationship groups, and always practiced on how to develop further.

Through networking, he explained that he is able to authentic, and truly have time with customers and prospective clients. From local non-profits to major corporations, Keith has met countless individuals who have helped him and his business succeed.

If you want to learn more about the Spike’s Trophies story or place an order for your custom trophies and awards, contact us today!