The Coaches’ Trophy: What is It? What is it Made of? And More

Ever since college football decided to move to a postseason tournament to determine the national champion, the allure of the Coaches’ Trophy has dropped in the eyes of many. However, here at Spike’s Trophies, we have great admiration for any type of trophy and believe that the Coaches’ Trophy is still one of the best trophies in sports, even if the College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy outshines it in today’s game. To learn more about what the Coaches’ Trophy check out the rest of our post.

What is the Coaches’ Trophy?

The AFCA National Championship Trophy, also known as the Coaches’ Trophy, is the trophy awarded to the NCAA Division I FBS college football national champion as determined by the Coaches’ Poll.

The trophy has been awarded since 1986 and was obligated to be given to the winner of the BCS National Championship Game. However, now with the College Football Playoff, the Coaches’ Trophy is awarded to the No. 1 ranked team in the final poll of the season.

What is the Coaches’ Trophy Made Of?

The trophy is made of a Waterford® Crystal actual size crystal football attached to an ebony base. It carries an estimated value of over $30,000. The football portion of the trophy weighs approximately eight pounds, and the trophy itself weighs about 45 pounds and stand 34 inches tall. Master craftspeople from Waterford Crystal in Ireland handmake the trophy, which reportedly takes up to three months to complete.

The handmade Crystal football is an exquisite design that truly is a work of art. It contains complex deep cuts that reflect a rainbow of color and light. It’s a true honor to showcase this trophy in your school’s trophy case, as it symbolizes hard work, determination, and success in NCAA Division 1 football.


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