4 Essentials for a Great Super Bowl Party



It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a full year since the Eagles hoisted the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history and fans all over Philadelphia ordered their sweet commemorative “At Last” trophies from Spike’s. Let’s all pause and reflect on what a completely awesome experience that was for the city….

…O.K., wake up, guys. It’s almost time for another Super Bowl!

Even if the Eagles don’t make it to Atlanta for The Big Game this year, you’re still going to have a Super Bowl Party. You live in America. It’s pretty much required.

In fact, you can save your party from being a giant cliche by putting just a little extra thought into it ahead of time. Luckily, we’re here to help with that.

1. Gourmet Food

Obviously, you’re going to serve food. Why not get creative with it? Come up with a couple of different dishes that can be served in bowls – chili, stew, congee, so-called Buddha bowls – and call them “Super Bowls.”

2. Themed Cocktails

You can’t just serve people Bud Light because they did that whole “Philly Philly” ad campaign and sponsored the statue outside Lincoln Financial Field. Well, you can, but it’s way more creative and fun to come up with a few specialty cocktails that fit within the Super Bowl theme.

The actual recipe for the drink doesn’t matter. Heck, you can even use an existing recipe and re-name the drink. It’s your party.

For example, since the Super Bowl is in Atlanta, and Georgia is known for its peaches, how about including peach schnapps in your cocktail? Call it the “Dirty Bird” in honor of the Falcons. Or make your personal favorite for all your guests and just call it “The Philly Special.”

3. Place Your Bets

Every year, along with the traditional Vegas “line” on the Super Bowl game, we get a long list of “prop bets” for a bunch of non-football stuff. Like, “Who will win the coin toss?” “Who will be named MVP?” “Will there be any ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ during the halftime show?” “How about dancing sharks?”

Have all your guests place prop bets, using the official list, or come up with your own. “Will the head coaches be wearing visors or hats on the sidelines?” (You know what the answer will be if Doug Pederson is coaching the game!) “Will the winning team will win on a trick play?” (Gratuitous Eagles reference.)

4. Door prizes

Make them remember the best Super Bowl party around by giving party favors to a few lucky guests. Put stickers under a couple of the drink cups or the food bowls, and the guest who ends up with a sticker takes home a cool souvenir.

May we suggest commemorative plaques or customized trophies from Spike’s? Browse our website for one of the largest selections of trophies in Philadelphia and the surrounding region, and get ready to host a super party (Go Birds!)