Pomp and Circumstance…and Trophies: Spike’s Celebrates Scholastic Awards Season

spikesplaqueAlthough we’re probably best known for our first-rate sports trophies throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and across the country, we pride ourselves in our well-roundedness. Like a student balancing academics and a full slate of activities, striving for excellence in many different arenas, Spike’s has positioned itself at the “head of the class” in the custom awards industry by crafting a wide variety of one-of-a-kind awards, suitable for any special occasion.

Few occasions are more special than a graduation. If you work with students throughout the year, watching them grow and learn, push past boundaries and chase their dreams, we know you want to recognize all their hard work – but words just aren’t enough to express your pride and admiration.

That’s where Spike’s comes in. In our online inventory, you’ll find the perfect scholastic award to celebrate your favorite pupil’s past success and wish them well in the future. Choose from any of these four categories.


One of the most popular of our scholastic award options, our beautiful customized plaques in an array of wood, stone, glass or colorful acrylic finishes are instant keepsakes that your students will proudly hang on their walls for years to come. They’ll read your words, time and again, and remember how much they meant to you and how much you believe in them.


Thinking out of the box? How about a cup? We have traditional gold trophies atop a wooden base, eye-catching crystal vases in a plethora of different designs, ornamental bowls made from blue-tinted glass, and even silver Perpetual Champion cups in a variety of sizes.


From gorgeous crystal paperweights and gift boxes to customized nameplates, our desk accessory awards are a perfect memento for students continuing with higher education or taking that first big job.


Preserve a diploma, a notable piece of schoolwork, an award certificate, a priceless picture – or all of the above – in a gorgeous wood, leatherette or aluminum frame from Spike’s. Your student can take this memento with them to college or graduate school or hang it on the wall of their first home as a constant reminder of their achievements.

Remember: With all our scholastic awards, you can always increase the “wow” factor and add that little extra, considerate touch by choosing to personalize it. We’ll engrave it for you with a name or special message of encouragement.

Spike’s celebrates good students – and thoughtful teachers – everywhere. If you need a special scholastic award or a sports trophy anywhere in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the Northeast region or coast to coast, check out all the amazing options on our website, and don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.