In Appreciation of Participation Trophies

CaptureIf you’re involved in the world of youth sports, whether as a parent, an organizer, a coach, a member of the media or even an athlete, you’re likely to hear some negative chatter floating around the fields, courts, bleachers and concession stands. Some would argue that kids’ sports have changed for the worse in recent years, due to an increasing “me first” attitude and a general decline in commitment and work ethic.

Critics of youth sports also likely to bemoan what they call “participation trophy culture,” upset that leagues give every kid an award at the end of the season. According to them, trophies are only for winners.

At Spike’s Trophies, proud provider of first-class sports trophies for youth leagues in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and all over the country, we’re not about buying into negativity. We couldn’t disagree more that participation trophies are a bad thing. All trophies are fun – and let’s never forget, sports are supposed to be, too!

We say, in a world where so many are seemingly prioritizing their self interests over what’s good for the team, and when so many seem to want to quit when things don’t go their way, it’s worth celebrating the kids who show up every day and stick out the season with their teammates.

We also say, participation in sports can be a huge self-esteem booster for kids, whether they’re stud athletes or not. It can help them develop their personality and find strengths they didn’t know they had. It can also teach them vital life skills, such as goal setting, time management, handling adversity, believing in themselves and getting along with others. None of that has to do with their level of talent, or how many wins and losses their team racks up.

Oh, and we almost forgot: Sports get kids in shape and keep them healthy!

A participation trophy is a reminder of all the experiences, good and bad and ugly, that athletes have during the season. It’s a reminder of the friends they made and the places they traveled to play.

It’s true that participation trophies are part of our business, but our appreciation for them comes from a true love of sports and a belief in celebrating the little things in life. If you’re with us, take a look through all the great sports trophies we have for youth leagues in New Jersey, Philadelphia and the surrounding region. We want to help you reward the hard-working participants in your life.