REGRETS: Sixers Fans Watch Raptors Win Their First NBA Title

All it took was one word, sent out to an audience of millions – maybe billions – around the globe on Twitter by Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid to sum up the feelings of Philly basketball fans regarding the past NBA season.

Indeed, it’s difficult not to imagine what might have been. The Toronto Raptors just claimed their franchise’s, and their country’s, first NBA title, and this is the same team the Sixers fell to in a riveting seven-game Eastern Conference semifinal series – on an insane buzzer-beating, friendy-rim shot by Kawhi Leonard in Game 7.

“Friendly” is probably an understatement, considering the ball bounced four times before it went in. No doubt Embiid, and fans throughout the city, are still seeing that scene in their nightmares. Here at Spike’s Trophies, the place Philadelphia and New Jersey sports fans go to buy trophies, we certainly are.

The sports website Deadspin went so far as to say that the Sixers “might as well have won the NBA title,” considering how competitive they were against the Raptors. The speculation is that, if they’d held on to win that fateful Game 7, they would have been able to handle the Bucks and Warriors and claim the league trophy.

That’s little consolation for fans still awaiting their team’s first championship since 1983.

But let’s look at the bright side. It certainly doesn’t hurt for Embiid to be feeling those regrets. It certainly doesn’t hurt for him to be feeling extra hungry – and we’re not even talking about the infamous, fast-food heavy diet that some blame for his sometimes uneven performance and propensity to get sick and injured.

After the Raptors won, fans took to Twitter to “troll” Embiid about his REGRETS post. You know he’s seeing that. You have to hope he uses it as motivation.

The Sixers absolutely could break their title drought next season, if guys like Embiid and Ben Simmons channel the heartbreak of 2019 into the offseason and work their tails off to get better – and, yes, grow up a little. Neither has reached his full potential as players and leaders. The core group of players on the team hasn’t fully gelled together.

If that happens in 2020, “The Process” just might finally pay off. When it does, you know Spike’s Trophies, your source for the coolest sports trophies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania – really, anywhere, for OVER 90 YEARS! – will be right there with you, celebrating. We’re always looking for our next chance to add to our City of Champions Mural!

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