Add Prestige to Employee Recognition with Custom Engraved Items

The Employee of the Month and other types of workplace recognitions are a common and effective method of keeping morale up at the office across every industry. Not only do these awards display to your employees that their hard work is appreciated; they also provide an incentive for a friendly, spirited competition which encourage employees to put forth their highest caliber of work and produce initiatives to help the company prosper.

Being named the Employee of the Month can be rewarding in more ways than one. Some companies, for example, add a bonus to the honoree’s standard salary for the month or add some hours to the employee’s paid time off. While employees certainly appreciate these forms of incentives, they might also want something a bit more tangible, such as custom engraved plaques from Spike’s Trophies.

People can spend a bonus or have fun during some extra paid time off, but a plaque, personalized with an engraving, can serve as a permanent reminder of their achievement.  They can hang it by their desk to show off to their co-workers and look at it whenever they need some added motivation to get through even the longest of work days.

Other Prizes Besides Plaques

There are an array of other awards that wouldn’t look at all out of place on the desk or in the office of your Employee of the Month. Here at Spike’s Trophies, you can also get various desk accessories, including:


Most of our paperweights are clear and acrylic, with accenting colors such as blue and purple. Besides their aesthetic appeal, paperweights also serve the practical function of keeping papers organized.


Glass, crystal, and acrylic desk clocks might be a bit lavish to give away every month, but they can be an ideal gift for employees celebrating a milestone anniversary with the company. Reward their time with the company by giving them a timepiece of their own.

Name Plates

When employees get promoted and move out of their cubicle and into an office, you can help them look the part with a nameplate for their desk.

Let your employees how much you value them, and their hard work, with picture frames, sculptures, bookends, and many other types of items, personalized with an engraving of your choosing. Up your office game by filling out a contact form to connect with Spike’s Trophies today!