Great Midseason Awards to Help Reward Your Team

Fall sports may just be starting up, but it’s never too early to show your team that you recognize all their hard work out on the field. With the most diverse selection of athletic awards in Philadelphia, Spike’s Trophies makes midseason awards easy. Of course, it’s all about finding the best rewards, so we provided some ideas that will make your team feel appreciated.

Most Improved

Regardless of whether you’ve had this team for years or if everyone is new, there’s always going to be one player who has made incredible strides from the level where they started. The most improved player award can be a way to tell one of your teammates that they’ve come a long way, and their efforts to take their game to the next level have not been going unnoticed. This player is like to be a rising star, so a Shooting Star Spinner trophy would be a great way to let them know.

Most Team Spirit

Rewarding hard work off the field is just as important as rewarding work on it. If one teammate is always showing up to practice early or tends to leave late, or is out there screaming on the bench cheering on the team, then they deserve recognition for that. This award can be for a superstar or a bench player, but it is usually for the player whose heart makes more of an impact than their actual performance. An Impressionist trophy goes a long way to show that this member of the squad is making an intangible impact.


The best thing about these midseason awards is that they don’t ALWAYS have to be about the actual game! Sports are supposed to be fun, so have fun with your team! A great idea is an award for the most “swag” on the team. Perhaps there’s one teammate who always has the flashiest shoes or is always rocking a cool sweatband or some other accessory. It may seem insignificant, but it brings an exciting energy to the team. The eye-popping Orbit Series trophies are a perfect way of recognizing eye-popping apparel.

Spike’s Trophies provides the best athletic trophies in Bucks County and Philadelphia for any sporting awards ceremony. Contact us today!