Creative Ways to Use a Plaque As an Award

When you want to give an award and show your appreciation, it is imperative that you give something that will stand out and be memorable. Trophies come in all different varieties, but it is often harder with plaques, which many people think of as being a run-of-the-mill corporate offering with little distinction or excitement. At Spike’s Trophies, however, we have the most creative selection of awards, plaques, and trophies in PA. We can help make your plaques spectacular with some outside-the-box designs.

Clock Plaques

While any award is appreciated, they often end up being displayed on a shelf and serving no practical purpose. With our selection of clock plaques, you can be recognized while also receiving something you can get some use out of around the house or office! Display this award on the wall of your room, office, den, etc. and whenever you check the time, you’ll be reminded of a job well done.

Laminate Pictures

A series of words on a plate isn’t always the best at grabbing attention. To remedy this, Spike’s has a variety of different laminate plaques, so you can frame a certificate, a picture, or both to make your award eye-popping. Combining a laminated poster with your plaque will serve as a reminder of everything that you did to receive this honor. The plaque will also earn the attention of anyone passing by, all of whom will see your efforts on full display.

Design Variations

Spike’s Trophies has different designs to recognize each different set of people’s accomplishments. Our plaques can come with 3D attachments such as stars, eagles, or sporting logos to give some life to a plaque that commemorates your achievements. For something outside the box, non-rectangular plaques are also available, with designs including a fire department logo to recognize first responders.
No matter if you think a plaque is the best way to go or if you want to go the more traditional route of a trophy, Spike’s Trophies has a creative inventory that will make the recipient of any award feel appreciated. Our plaques and trophies come in all builds, including glass and acrylic trophies in PA, so there is no shortage of ways to tell your team that their effort has not gone unnoticed. For more information, contact Spike’s Trophies today.