We Bet You Didn’t Know We Do Full-Color Imprints!

Since 1929, Spike’s Trophies has been a mecca of awards and trophies for NJ, Eastern PA, and the Delaware Valley residents located in Philadelphia. While many think of us for our trophies, awards, and plaques, there are many aspects to our business that people might not immediately think of or be familiar with. For example, we bet you didn’t know that we offer full-color printing for any piece of drinkware that we can supply or have you bring into our store!  Watch the following video for a demonstration of how Spike’s uses our digital printer and read on to learn more about this service!

The team at Spike’s Trophies has a digital color printer that can imprint any color, design, text, or logo onto a piece of drinkware of your choice. There is no limit to the shape, size, or color of the surface that you wish to have imprinted – our full-color printer can work with anything! Just let us know what design or message you would like to use, and we do the rest for you in-house!

Our image printing services can be used in a variety of different ways. If you’re looking for a creative way to switch up awards at your business or sports league ceremony from a plaque or a trophy, giving away a printed piece of drinkware would be a fun, creative and useful way to show your gratitude. These printed prizes can also make great gifts during the holiday season! You can get your loved ones a new reusable bottle or cup – with a message printed on the side, thanks to the team at Spike’s Trophies!  We can also laser engrave the drinkware.

If you didn’t know that we had these services at Spike’s Trophies, now you do! Now you can have more selection and creativity when you are looking for a clever award or gift idea for anyone in your lives. Spike’s Trophies is so much more than just a trophy company serving NJ, Philly and Delaware Valley  residents – we can be your go-to holiday gift destination as well! To learn more about our full-color printing process or to inquire about any of our other services, contact us online today!