3 Ways Custom Engraved Name Tags From Spike’s Will Benefit Your Business

nametagesIn a world that’s becoming increasingly impersonal and isolated, with people content to communicate only via email, text message or social media — and many times hiding behind pseudonyms or misleading profile pictures when they do — there’s one area where real face-to-face interaction still reigns supreme: business!

Spike’s Trophies understands business, because we’ve been in business for 90 years! Although we’ve continued to evolve along with technological advances and now reach customers nationwide via the internet, we still care about good old-fashioned values, like looking people in the eye and talking to them to find out what makes them tick.

Customers appreciate a personal approach. When they’re shopping for goods or services, they don’t want their only option to be dealing with a computer or a robot. Sometimes, it’s actually a lot easier and more pleasant to deal with humans! Continue reading

Time To Hit Reset: Can The Phillies Salvage the Season in the Second Half?

If you’re anything like us here at Spike’s Trophies, you were extremely relieved when Major League Baseball’s All-Star break rolled around. As you might already know, your favorite purveyor of exceptional custom engraved plaques, trophies, awards and more is headquartered in Philadelphia, home to maybe the most frustrating team in the majors right now.

The Phillies absolutely needed a break after what turned into an infuriating first half, which involved a seemingly endless losing streak and the loss of first place — even second place — in the National League East. As eternal optimists who love our team, we can’t help but think they’ll eventually rebound in the second half and be the team we expected them to be at the start of the season.

On that gloriously sold-out Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park, where hundreds, maybe thousands, of fans donned Bryce Harper jerseys, who would’ve thought that J.T. Realmuto would’ve been the only Phillies player repping our city at the All-Star Game in Cleveland? Continue reading

REGRETS: Sixers Fans Watch Raptors Win Their First NBA Title

All it took was one word, sent out to an audience of millions – maybe billions – around the globe on Twitter by Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid to sum up the feelings of Philly basketball fans regarding the past NBA season.

Indeed, it’s difficult not to imagine what might have been. The Toronto Raptors just claimed their franchise’s, and their country’s, first NBA title, and this is the same team the Sixers fell to in a riveting seven-game Eastern Conference semifinal series – on an insane buzzer-beating, friendy-rim shot by Kawhi Leonard in Game 7. Continue reading

In Appreciation of Participation Trophies

CaptureIf you’re involved in the world of youth sports, whether as a parent, an organizer, a coach, a member of the media or even an athlete, you’re likely to hear some negative chatter floating around the fields, courts, bleachers and concession stands. Some would argue that kids’ sports have changed for the worse in recent years, due to an increasing “me first” attitude and a general decline in commitment and work ethic.

Critics of youth sports also likely to bemoan what they call “participation trophy culture,” upset that leagues give every kid an award at the end of the season. According to them, trophies are only for winners.

At Spike’s Trophies, proud provider of first-class sports trophies for youth leagues in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and all over the country, we’re not about buying into negativity. We couldn’t disagree more that participation trophies are a bad thing. All trophies are fun – and let’s never forget, sports are supposed to be, too! Continue reading

Two-Month Checkup: A Look at the Phillies’ Start to the 2019 Season

We’re big baseball fans here at Spike’s Trophies, and while we’re busy pumping out amazing sports trophies for sports in New Jersey, Philadelphia and across the nation, we’re also closely following our hometown Phillies (who are also one of our clients!)

As we write this, the second month of the Major League Baseball season is winding down and we finally can hope for a nice, long stretch of good baseball weather in Philadelphia. If you haven’t been down to “The Bank” yet for a game, now would be the time to start shopping for tickets to see a team that, as expected, is the class of the National League East. Continue reading

Pomp and Circumstance…and Trophies: Spike’s Celebrates Scholastic Awards Season

spikesplaqueAlthough we’re probably best known for our first-rate sports trophies throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and across the country, we pride ourselves in our well-roundedness. Like a student balancing academics and a full slate of activities, striving for excellence in many different arenas, Spike’s has positioned itself at the “head of the class” in the custom awards industry by crafting a wide variety of one-of-a-kind awards, suitable for any special occasion.

Continue reading

Ranking The 5 Best Trophies in Professional Sports

Here at Spike’s Trophies, we celebrate all types of awards, and we’re proud to produce eye-catching trophies and custom engraved plaques that our customers, from regular weekend warriors to multi-million-dollar sports franchises, find fit for display in their homes, stadiums, and Halls of Fame across the country.

We’re also huge sports fans – as you know, if you’ve seen our epic “City of Champions” mural capturing Philadelphia’s rich history as one of the most intense, passionate sports cities on the planet. Continue reading

Spike’s In the News: Awards & Personalization Association Chooses us for Insights Magazine feature!


Everyone who’s anyone in the awards and personalization industry knows Insights Magazine, the official voice of our national trade organization, the Awards & Personalization Association. For more than 50 years, the association has served as an invaluable source of education and information for businesses in the industry, a unifying force for business owners, and a passionate advocate for companies like us. Continue reading

Spring Fever in Philadelphia: Can The Phillies Go All the Way?

We can’t help it. At Spike’s Trophies, we’re already dreaming about making custom engraved plaques for Phillies fans at the end of October to commemorate a World Series championship. Side note: remember us if it gets to that point. We can come up with a beautiful display-worthy design to preserve your favorite memories, including framing game programs, tickets, and photos. Continue reading

The Importance of Plaques

plaqueWhat’s on your walls?
Framed family photos? Posters from your favorite movies? Floating shelves covered with knick knacks?

You display things in your home because you want to keep track of the memorable moments in your life. Yes, sometimes you want to boast about accomplishments, but why shouldn’t you? You only live once, and it’s important to celebrate everything that makes life good.

At Spike’s Trophies, that’s what we’re all about. Our custom engraved plaques are absolutely perfect ways to preserve your treasured memories and notable accolades. They also make the perfect gift for someone who’s made a positive impact on you, or on the world. A plaque can be a declaration of success, a keepsake honoring a milestone, a “thank you” to a mentor, or anything you want it to be. Continue reading