7 Award Ideas for Your Summer Golf League

Winning a golf tournament is its own reward, especially if you’re playing for fun with friends or raising money for charity. But when you played your best game in a league competition and came out on top, having a tangible award for your achievement that you can brag about is pretty rewarding, too. A physical award provides an esteem boost to the winner, and it’s a great way to keep players excited and motivated to do their best. So if you are a tournament director or event coordinator planning your next tournament, you want to ensure your winners have sports awards they can hold in their hands. Here are seven award ideas for your summer golf league.

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Customized Phillies memorial plaque

Commemorating a Fall Classic Unlike Any Other

When the 2022 Major League Baseball season started, no one would have guessed that the tepid start to the Philadelphia Phillies campaign would turn out to be one of the most exciting Octobers in team history. From Bryce Harper being regulated to DH duty with an elbow injury to Alec Bohm’s early season struggles and the bullpen being the team’s Achilles heel, you wouldn’t have been blamed if you were already thinking about the beginning of the Eagles’ season as the calendar changed from May to June. 

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Indoor soccer game starting

The Four Best Winter Sports for Team Building

Running the same team-building exercises and events can quickly lose their luster for companies looking to build improved camaraderie and rapport within their organization. These activities may begin to feel too similar and need to be more dynamic to hold your employees’ attention and involvement. Finding different ways to engage them, foster new relationships, and bolster existing ones can help boost team morale. However, finding things to do during the cold winter months can prove challenging — but not impossible. 

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Medals Vs. Statues — Which Is Right for My Youth Sport?

Young kids who participate in sports often have a passion for them. They see themselves as the next big star on the way to success. What better way to increase that than to let them see how much they matter and what they have accomplished! When young athletes are awarded, their dreams should only grow. Sports awards come in all shapes and sizes. Youth football trophies are great but could you pass them out after your swim competition? No, you should make sure that you carefully consider what type of award you are giving your athletes before the end of the season. It can impact them and teach them many important life lessons along the way. 

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Pitcher Sculpture award

Give Your Summer Trophies an Upgrade With Sculpture Trophies

For generations, summer sports have come to define childhoods, rec leagues, interoffice competitions, and more. While simple trophies, and medals have long been traditional end-of-season rewards, giving your winners and stand-out performers something more substantial to recognize their accomplishments goes a long way. Whether it’s an MVP trophy, a championship award, or even something to recognize an athlete being a category leader, finding a unique trophy that properly honors that player or team’s achievement is crucial.

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Young third baseman trying to tag out a sliding runner

Get Your Trophies for the Spring Sports Before the Season

As the temperatures start to rise, the days get longer, and that means one thing — youth spring sports are right around the corner! With more of these leagues coming back in full swing this season, league organizers need to plan every aspect of the games to ensure that everyone involved has a good time, from scheduling games to organizing the teams and the trophies for the end of the season. 

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Keith Baldwin getting the first copy of A Leap Year of Firsts off the presses

A Leap Year of Firsts — How We Survived the Pandemic

Spike’s Trophies has grown into one of the finest custom trophy manufacturers in the area, giving people access to fully customized football trophies and other custom awards for every occasion. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for founder Keith Baldwin. Going through the natural ups and downs of being in business since 1929 with founder Myer “Spike” Shandleman, Spike’s Trophies has seen growth and, in the case of the pandemic, challenges you never see coming. 

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