Monthly Archives: March 2007

Recognition of Everyday Greatness

As I launch my blog I would like to dedicate it to the Recognition of Everyday Greatness. I am currently reading the book of the very same name by Stephen R. Covey. The book “Everyday Greatness” is a collection of the best of stories from Reader’s Digest of individuals overcoming adversity and living fulfilling lives that motivate and inspire. The book is composed of these stories from the magazine, combined with powerful insights from Stephen R. Covey.

In reading Mr. Covey’s book, my thoughts drifted to all the awards that I have done in my over thirty years in the recognition business. Some awards were quite unique, some traditional, some very creative, some quirky and unusual, and some very funny. But they always had meaning to the presenter and to the recipient. They evoked emotion. They captured a moment in time. They memorialized an event or an accomplishment. I thought of all the customers I have assisted in recognizing “everyday greatness” that has been in their lives. This inspiration will be my guiding light.

My blog will consists of: ideas for different awards to recognize “everyday greatness”; case histories of successful awards and recognition programs; reference information on best practices of recognition; recognition industry trends & information, history of famous awards; famous quotes of achievement from our “quote of the week” section on our website; and personal stories of recognition of everyday greatness and it’s effects.

Please feel free to share your own stories of recognizing everyday greatness. As you read this blog you may think of someone you know in your life to nominate that should be recognized for their everyday greatness, but has not been recognized. The best everyday greatness story will receive a specially designed Spike Trophy, which we will send to the author of the nomination, for presentation to the unrecognized. To submit a nomination you can e-mail me your story of everyday greatness here.

Thank you for visiting. Have a rewarding day and life.

Keith Baldwin