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Annoucing the “Recognizing Everyday Greatness” Award!

With the economic temperature at a mere cool, there are many who can admit to feeling the drag of anxiety and stress.  We here at Spike’s believe that this is a perfect time to implement our new “Recognizing Everyday Greatness Award”.  Spike, The Loving Cup mascot from Spike’s has created this program to recognize people who “go above and beyond the call of duty to assist in the betterment and well being of their community”.  Both Spike and Keith Baldwin, president of Spike’s, plan on presenting this simple honor four times a year to deserving, kind-hearted recipients, our first to be awarded this coming Monday, June 29th.

The Recognizng Everyday Greatness Award

The "Recognizing Everyday Greatness" Award

Check back to see who our very first recipient will be and to read all about their story of Everyday Greatness!