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Did you realize that AWARDS are Tax Deductible???

Effective employee recognition enhances employee motivation and satisfaction, increases employee productivity, and contributes to improved organizational performance. Organizations that do employee recognition well – and they’re a minority – tend to have a recognition strategy that is integrated, multi-faceted, and multi-tiered. This means that recognition is:

  • Intended to support and value employees, to positively reinforce their initiative and creativity, and to enhance business performance.
  • Available for a wide variety of achievements and contributions, such as: innovations and improvements, performance excellence and meritorious actions, and length of service.
  • Presented at different levels depending on the accomplishment significance.


…And Do You Know the TAX BENEFITS of Recognition??

An employer can deduct up to $400 for employee achievement
awards provided to any single employee during a qualified
recognition awards program initiative during that tax year.


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