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Awards Spotlight: The Claret Jug

At Spike’s Trophies, we know there’s nothing like the thrill of a crushed drive that launches the ball hundreds of yards, over the hazards and onto the green. Nothing like an eagle on the 18th hole that results in a win. Whether it’s the most famous jug in the sport of golf or a custom trophy in New Jerseyfor your local tournament, it’s always something special to see a player commemorated for their performance.


The Open Championship, (referred to as The British Open in the U.S.), is one of golf’s greatest tournaments. This year will be the 145th time golf pros from around the globe come to compete in one of the four major golf tournaments. The British Open is the oldest current golf tournament in the world. First held in 1860, it has a long history.


The Claret Jug (official name: The Golf Championship Trophy) was first awarded in 1873, the winner from 1872, Young Tom Morris’ name was engraved on it. The first outright winner of The Claret Jug was Tom Kidd. The award was won a record six times by Harry Vardon in the decades after Tom Kidd received the first award.


The award is presented by the Royal and Ancients Golf Club of St. Andrews based out of Fife, Scotland, known as the “Home of Golf.” It stands just over a foot tall and is silver in color. The winner has been presented with a replica of the trophy each year since 1928. The original is maintained by the R&A Club with the new winner engraved on the base each year. The winner of the tournament also receives a gold medal as part of a tradition dating back to the year before The Claret Jug was first awarded.


Over the past decade, the jug has been awarded to golfers including Tiger Woods, Padraig Harrington, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy and Zach Johnson. This year, the tournament is set to take place in Mid-July.


At Spike’s Trophies, we like to see great players hoist their awards in victory. Whether it’s Golf’s most famous jug or a little league sports trophy in Delaware, New Jersey or PA.

Famous Awards: The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy

Here at Spike’s, we know there’s nothing like the roar of the crowd when the shot clock is winding down at the end of the game and the step-back three is good for the game-tying points. When the pretty dime leads to the alley-oop, statement dunk on the other end of the pass. When the off-hand, hesitatio n dribble breaks ankles and allows a drive to the hoop. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s NBA Playoffs time.


When it comes to national basketball, This is the best time to be a fan. The NBA Finals begin June 2nd, at the end of that series, one team will be awarded the much sought-after Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.


A History

In 1947, the first Basketball Association of America championship was held. In 1949, the Basketball Association of America was rebranded the National Basketball Association. From 1947 to 1983, the winning team of the finals received the Walter A. Brown Trophy. From 1975 to 1984, Larry O’Brien served as the commissioner of the NBA. During his 9 years as commissioner, O’Brien organized a number of landmark deals that allowed basketball to become the major national sport it is today, including the ABA-NBA Merger, the transfer of broadcast rights to CBS for a better contract, modified the college draft, reached an anti-drug agreement with the NBA Players Association and oversaw a number of major changes that modernized the sport.


In 1983, as the NBA was experiencing an eruption in attendance and national interest, they renamed the Walter A. Brown Trophy, the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Since 1983, both the design and the name of the trophy has remained the same.



The award weighs 14.5 pounds and stands two feet tall. It depicts a basketball rolling over the rim and into the hoop. The ball is near regulation size, nine inches in diameter. It is constructed of sterling silver and vermeil with a 24 karat gold overlay.  Manufactured by, each of the trophies is valued at 13,500.


The most recent recipients of the trophy were the Golden State Warriors, but 2016 could prove to be a different year.


Whether it’s high-school baseball trophies in PA, or basketball trophies on national TV, at Spike’s we think it’s worth recognizing recognition.

Awards Spotlight: NHL Individual Awards

Here at Spike’s Trophies, we know there’s nothing like a powerplay late in the third period when the score is tied. There’s nothing like the slap of the stick as the puck barrels towards the goal in mid-air. Whether that puck meets net or glove, when the game is on the line, especially during playoff season, we all hold our breath. In the NHL, it’s Stanley Cup Playoffs time.


The Stanley Cup is a big deal in the world of professional sports; it’s the highest honor that a North American hockey team can receive. There are a few other special awards in the National Hockey League that fans look forward to as well; the individual awards.


The Hart Memorial Trophy

Named after Dr. David Hart, The Hart Memorial Trophy is awarded to the player judged most valuable to his team. Each year since 1924 (with the exception of 2005), The Professional Hockey Writers Association votes on the most valuable player following the conclusion of the regular season. Hockey Legend Wayne Gretzky won the award an unprecedented 9 times (8 consecutively). Gretzky is the only player in North American sports to have received an MVP award that many times.


The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

Named in honor of Marie “Lady Byng” Evelyn Moreton, the trophy is awarded to the “player adjudged to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability.” Frank Boucher won the award 7 times in 8 years and still holds the record for most times awarded. Wayne Gretzky also won it five times. The trophy has been awarded to a player every season since 1925.


The Vezina Trophy


Awarded to the top goaltender during the regular season, The Vezina Trophy is named for Georges Vezina of the Montreal Canadiens. Jacques Plante holds the record for most times awarded the trophy with 7. Thankfully, Wayne Gretzky couldn’t get this one


The King Clancy Award

Francis “King” Clancy was one of hockey’s greatest humanitarians. Each year, the award that shares his name is awarded to the NHL player who “best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice and who has made a significant humanitarian contribution to his community.” No player has ever received the award more than once since its inception in 1988. The recipient of the trophy is decided by a panel of representatives from the Professional Hockey Writers Association and the NHL Broadcasters Association.


At Spike’s we commend commendation, we think it’s important to recognize an individual that stands out, whether it’s an office plaque in Philadelphia or a trophy on the national ice.

Famous Awards: The Stanley Cup

Each year, teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences of the National Hockey League compete for The Stanley Cup, the most prestigious award in North American Hockey. The Cup is awarded to the victor of a seven-game series called The Stanley Cup Finals. Teams in the NHL compete for records all season that will allow them to enter the playoffs for a shot at being crowned the winner for that year.


The Stanley Cup is the oldest Trophy in all of North American professional sports. First awarded in 1893 after being commissioned by Lord Stanley of Preston, it has been passed from team to team for more than 120 years. By comparison, the Super Bowl just awarded its 50th trophy to a team. It was created when Lord Stanley first witnessed the game of hockey in Montreal. He fell in love with the sport and his entire family became involved in the sport. The award that Lord Stanley purchased for the reigning champions of the sport was a decorative punch bowl. A recreation of the original silver punch bowl still stands atop the trophy today.

The Stanley Cup has been redesigned several times in the past century. In its current iteration, it stands just under 3 feet tall, features a “cup” (which is actually a rose bowl) at the top of the trophy and has five bands around the base where the winning team and names of players are inscribed. When all five bands are filled by inscription, the one closest to the top (the oldest) is removed and placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame, so that a new blank band can be placed at the bottom. The Cup is made from Silver-Nickel Alloy to make it more durable and more likely to survive the celebrations of overjoyed hockey players.


Tradition has survived much longer than the original cup, for more than a century, winning hockey teams have kissed the award and drank Champagne from its bowl.

At Spike’s Trophies, we always look forward to seeing great people receive great awards. As one of the oldest producers and sellers of plaques and trophies in PA, we know the importance of recognizing a winner.