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Spike’s Trophies Discusses the Liberty Bell

At Spike’s Trophies, we have a wide variety of high-quality trophies, sculptures, and other sorts of awards. With Independence Day just around the corner, there is one such sculpture that we are honored to highlight; our line of Liberty Bell replicas.

The timeless message on the Liberty Bell reads: “Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereof” – a Biblical reference from the Book of Leviticus (25:10)

A legendary symbol of freedom, hope, and of course, liberty, the Liberty Bell inspired many. Abolitionists, Civil Rights leaders, and women’s suffrage advocates alike all took inspiration from this now famous inscription over the years.

Back in the day, it was known as the State House Bell. It was held in the tower of the Pennsylvania State House, which is now known as Independence Hall. In 1751, Isaac Norris, Speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly, initially ordered a bell made for said tower from the Whitechapel Foundry in London. It cracked during the first test ring. Right here in Philadelphia, local metalworkers John Pass and John Stow melted that very bell in order cast a new one. It was this bell that would ring to notify the townspeople.

The time and place of the initial crack of the Liberty Bell are not on record. But it was in 1846 when the city elected to repair the bell before George Washington’s birthday holiday. Workers widened the thin crack to stop it from spreading further. Little known to most, that wide crack in the Liberty Bell is actually this repair job. If you look carefully, you can even see the marks from the drill bit. Thus, the repair was unsuccessful due to the development of another fissure. It was this second crack that officially silenced the bell. It runs from the abbreviation for “Philadelphia” through the word “Liberty.”

It is now on display at The Liberty Bell Center, open year-round from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M for all to see. This expansive location consists of interesting historical documents and more that examine the facts and the myths about the bell.

Go home with a small piece of Philadelphia by getting a personalized replica of the Liberty Bell, carefully crafted by Spike’s Trophies! Don’t hesitate to give us a call by dialing 855-652-4030. Also, feel free to browse the rest of our website to check out our entire lineup of awards.

3 Ways A Company Can Recognize Their Employees

Everyone likes to be recognized for their hard work and success every once in awhile. If no one notices your efforts or achievements, it can be discouraging. The work can feel pointless. Sometimes that little pat on the back is enough to make someone try a little harder and put more effort into their work. At Spike’s Trophies, we create all kinds of unique pieces that can serve as corporate recognition awards for our customers in Philadelphia. But there are many other ways to recognize an employee’s efforts in the workplace.

1. Everyday Recognition
This type of recognition isn’t extravagant and should be done often. It can be as simple as verbal praise for a job well done, one-on-one or during a meeting for all to hear. If someone may be embarrassed for being highlighted, it may be better to tell them personally. Or, you can execute this through email, social media, or even a company newsletter for others to see. This doesn’t just have to be given from managers to their employees. Employees can also be encouraged to praise each other. This helps develop camaraderie and a positive work environment.

2. Informal
There are several informal, low-cost options when it comes to recognizing an achievement. Any employee should be eligible for such recognition. Although, the amount of awards or how this can be done should be based on the goals of the company or department. This could be in the way of a surprise pizza party, so everyone gets to benefit, or a small gift card ($25 – $100). Instead of just handing the gift card to the recipient, another method of delivering it is to mail it to the person’s home along with a thank you card. That way, the other employees are unaware of it. Alternatively, the recipient’s family will see it and be proud of their loved one.

3. Formal
More formal forms of recognition aren’t given out as often. They can be the endgame of a more structured event or program. Nominations and voting can be held. There can be a formal ceremony as an end of the quarter or end of the year celebration. These are made public for everyone to recognize. The criteria for these kinds of programs are based on the objectives of the company. Not as many employees are recognized this way, holding it in higher esteem. These awards can be a certificate, plaque, desk clock, watch, etched crystal, engraved acrylic, or any combination of those and more.

To search our wide array of corporate recognition awards available to customers in Bucks County, PA and many other areas, please browse our site or give us a call at 855-652-4030 for more information.

Spike’s Trophies Discusses the Stanley Cup

At Spike’s Trophies, the famous trophy company in Philadelphia, we know a good trophy when we see one. We’re talking about the award that goes to the Stanley Cup Champions. They say it’s the hardest trophy to win all of professional sports. The teams that eventually make it to the Stanley Cup Finals have already played at least 100 games! It is a fast, physical sport and the season is long and grueling. By the time the playoffs come around, teams are beat up and the players are battling through multiple injuries… all for a chance at the Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup was originally conceived as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup in 1892. It was named after the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston. Hence, one of its nicknames, Lord Stanley’s Cup. It was awarded to the best amateur ice hockey club in Canada.

Fast forward 125 years and the Cup has grown five times its original height. Unlike other professional sports, a new trophy isn’t made each year. When a new champion is crowned, the names of the players and coaches are engraved on the Cup itself. It is updated over the years as they run out of room.

The NHL is divided into two conferences, the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. The best eight teams from each conference make the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Each team plays another in their conference in what is called a best-of-seven series. The first team to four wins advances to the next round. This year, the Nashville Predators have come out of the Western Conference for the first time in the franchise’s 20-year history. The Pittsburgh Penguins also came out of the Eastern Conference for the second straight year, seeking to win back-to-back titles.

Ask any hockey player fortunate enough to win it. They’ll tell you it was one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do but it was well worth it to lift the Cup high above their head. They celebrate with their teammates in the locker room drenched in champagne while actually using the Stanley Cup to drink it.

One of the more fun traditions in sports, each player on the winning team gets to have the Cup for a day or two over the summer. Needless to say, it’s seen some crazy things. It’s seen the bottom of a couple swimming pools. It is even rumored that in 1994, New York Ranger Eddie Olczyk fed the Kentucky Derby winner out of the Stanley Cup. In 2006, winner Doug Weight and his family ate an ice cream sundae out of it. In 1996, Sylvain Lefebrve had his first child baptized inside it.

A beautiful trophy is a great way to recognize a long journey of dedicated effort, no matter what line of work you’re in. For top-of-the-line trophies and other awards of recognition, go to Spike’s Trophies, the famous Philadelphia trophy company.