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REGRETS: Sixers Fans Watch Raptors Win Their First NBA Title

All it took was one word, sent out to an audience of millions – maybe billions – around the globe on Twitter by Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid to sum up the feelings of Philly basketball fans regarding the past NBA season.

Indeed, it’s difficult not to imagine what might have been. The Toronto Raptors just claimed their franchise’s, and their country’s, first NBA title, and this is the same team the Sixers fell to in a riveting seven-game Eastern Conference semifinal series – on an insane buzzer-beating, friendy-rim shot by Kawhi Leonard in Game 7. Continue reading

In Appreciation of Participation Trophies

CaptureIf you’re involved in the world of youth sports, whether as a parent, an organizer, a coach, a member of the media or even an athlete, you’re likely to hear some negative chatter floating around the fields, courts, bleachers and concession stands. Some would argue that kids’ sports have changed for the worse in recent years, due to an increasing “me first” attitude and a general decline in commitment and work ethic.

Critics of youth sports also likely to bemoan what they call “participation trophy culture,” upset that leagues give every kid an award at the end of the season. According to them, trophies are only for winners.

At Spike’s Trophies, proud provider of first-class sports trophies for youth leagues in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and all over the country, we’re not about buying into negativity. We couldn’t disagree more that participation trophies are a bad thing. All trophies are fun – and let’s never forget, sports are supposed to be, too! Continue reading