Monthly Archives: August 2019

Add Prestige to Employee Recognition with Custom Engraved Items

The Employee of the Month and other types of workplace recognitions are a common and effective method of keeping morale up at the office across every industry. Not only do these awards display to your employees that their hard work is appreciated; they also provide an incentive for a friendly, spirited competition which encourage employees to put forth their highest caliber of work and produce initiatives to help the company prosper.

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A Look Ahead to the Eagles’ 2019 Season

With the NFL preseason now underway and the Philadelphia Eagles’ regular-season starting on September 8 with a 1:00 matchup against the Washington Redskins, now is an excellent time to look ahead to the upcoming season with all the excitement and anticipation you’d expect from Philadelphia’s leading supplier of trophies and plaques of all kinds. Here’s what we see in our crystal ball:

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