Wait, Who Are You Again? Time to Dust Off the Name Badges

With the world opening up again and people returning to work, remote work is slowly starting to transition back to an in-person work environment again. The past year has seen a drastic shift in how companies staff and the potential for high turnover rates during that time frame. For many companies, investing in a batch of fresh name badges can help your team, and customers feel a little more comfortable and at ease as we continue to transition to a post-lockdown status quo.

Putting a Name to a Friendly Face

As new staff mingles with old staff and your employees have a slew of new names to commit to memory, it can prove difficult to remember everyone’s name right away. By providing your team with a clean and highly readable name badge, you give everyone the chance to put names to faces and begin the process of committing these new names to memory. However, the name badges aren’t only beneficial for your employees; any customers and visitors will appreciate the widespread use of engraved name tags as well.

Making the Customer-Employee Interaction Seamless

Customer-employee interactions have taken on a different tone throughout the pandemic than people have been accustomed to having. The use of facemasks has all but eliminated the warm smiles employees utilize to help customers feel more at home. Now that mask mandates are gradually being lifted and people can visibly smile at each other again, employers can again begin focusing on making these interactions the main focus of the customer experience. One way to ease the transition back towards something resembling normal is to make employee-customer interactions as personable as possible. Allowing customers to know the employee’s name they are engaging with can help build a stronger rapport. With that rapport, genuine interactions can prove more fruitful for all parties involved.

Pick The Styles You Want

At Spike’s Trophies, we offer various styles of name badges to fit the overall personality of your business. From shapes, materials, engravings, and everything between, you can create unique name badges that allow your company and the employee’s personalities to shine through with every interaction. With the design freedom we offer, you can have your brand identity extend to the name badge.

To place an order of customized name badges, contact the Spike’s Trophies team to place an order today! Have a “Welcome Back, Employees!” softball game in the works? We can create a customized baseball glove trophy that goes to the winner as well! Reach out to our team to see what we can provide for your company or organization.