Youth soccer team celebrating a championship win

Youth Fall Sports Are Back — Time to Get the Trophies

With fall in full swing and pandemic measures easing around the country, returning a sense of normalcy has become more common. For most children, that means fall sports are getting into high gear, and competition is in the air. Whether it’s fall baseball, softball, soccer, or football, kids of all ages take the field to play the games they love and with their friends. To give them an added incentive, providing custom trophies at the end of the season offers that end goal for them to work towards. 

Whether it’s high school sports or youth public leagues, these kids play their hearts out and should have high-quality trophies and awards at the end of the year to show for their hard work. Spike’s Trophies can create a variety of custom crystal awards, trophies, medals, and other commemorative keepsakes to put on display. 

The Right Award for Every Occasion 

Every fall sport deserves a custom award that evokes the spirit of the sport and showcases the unique qualities of the game. Football trophies are distinct from soccer, fall baseball, and so on down the line. Getting a customized award that exemplifies the qualities of these sports and what it takes to win provides context for people looking at them in the future. 

Soccer trophies usually feature a player diving after the ball or in mid-shot to showcase the physicality of the game. Football trophies typically feature a ball carrier either shaking a defender or in a more stylized pose depending on the style. You can select from various styles to pick a customized look that fits your specific league and sport, from field hockey to cross country and any other organized sport this fall. 

Customized Trophies for Multiple Awards

It’s never too early to start thinking about how your league will handle the end-of-the-year trophy presentations. Whether it’s a large event or something smaller for a select few attendees, you want to ensure that the trophies handed out are varied and distinctive enough for everyone who receives them feels proud of their effort. 

First, second, and third place trophies are the most common choices, but you can also give other players from around the league the chance to be recognized for their efforts. Most goals or touchdowns, offensive and defensive players of the year, and MVP awards could provide kids across your league with the opportunity to be recognized and feel proud about their accomplishments throughout the season — even if their team didn’t win the league championship. 

Order Custom Awards from Spike’s Trophies!

No matter the time of year, youth and high school sports should have the opportunity to honor the players that have excelled throughout the season. Getting customized trophies that help these kids commemorate their accomplishments and showcase how well they played should come in the form of an acrylic award from the largest selection of custom trophies on the market. 

Contact the Spike’s Trophies team to place an order for plaques and trophies in the Philadelphia area and get ready for the yearly awards ceremony!