Keith Baldwin getting the first copy of A Leap Year of Firsts off the presses

A Leap Year of Firsts — How We Survived the Pandemic

Spike’s Trophies has grown into one of the finest custom trophy manufacturers in the area, giving people access to fully customized football trophies and other custom awards for every occasion. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for founder Keith Baldwin. Going through the natural ups and downs of being in business since 1929 with founder Myer “Spike” Shandleman, Spike’s Trophies has seen growth and, in the case of the pandemic, challenges you never see coming. 

With the pandemic causing stoppages and shutdowns worldwide, keeping your small business up and running proved a monumental challenge for owners. For Keith, it meant taking a hard look at where the industry stood, what the current outlook of the world looked like, and how he could take steps to help his employees and company stay afloat in this troubling time. 

That struggle and process have been documented in Keith’s first book, A Leap Year of Firsts, with Keith sharing his experience of making an innocent “Firsts bucket list” for 2020 at the beginning of the year to the roller coaster ride that followed. 

The Pivot That Changed Everything

2020 saw businesses rise and fall based on conditions almost entirely outside their control. Finding ways to pivot and survive a constantly changing world meant some rose, some failed, and many were left scrambling to find a semblance of normalcy. For Keith, it meant experiencing one of the “firsts” he didn’t want to experience — laying off an employee. 

After that first, he had to decide how to position the business during an ongoing global pandemic where the demand for trophies had significantly dropped. Fold as countless other small businesses had through no fault of their own? Or find a way to pivot and thrive? That’s when he turned Spike’s into a call center to help New York set up COVID-19 tests throughout the state. 

Shortly after that, he brought the employee he laid off back to help start and work in the call center. 

Making the Best Out of a Bad Hand

The pivot towards helping people throughout the pandemic — whether it was with the call center or using the production processes in place to make essential PPE equipment — was a year of change and growth for Spike’s Trophies. Keith Baldwin led the company through one of the most tumultuous times in recorded history and helped keep his employees working and providing for their families. 

Taking what could have been an excuse to fold and turning it into a year of firsts that culminated with the release of his new book shows how when you keep “helping people first” at the forefront, good things happen. 

Read His Story Now!

Keith shares his long lists of firsts he accomplished in 2020 and how the year changed both him and the company. Recounting the challenges that the pandemic presented and how he took the necessary steps to keep the business running and help as many people as possible makes his story one of triumph and perseverance in the face of adversity. 

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