Young third baseman trying to tag out a sliding runner

Get Your Trophies for the Spring Sports Before the Season

As the temperatures start to rise, the days get longer, and that means one thing — youth spring sports are right around the corner! With more of these leagues coming back in full swing this season, league organizers need to plan every aspect of the games to ensure that everyone involved has a good time, from scheduling games to organizing the teams and the trophies for the end of the season. 

Getting the appropriate trophies for the youth sport the kids play and ensuring that it makes for a satisfying experience for the players. With the range of youth sports leagues available, finding the trophies to fit each one can prove challenging for organizers. However, that’s where Spike’s Trophies can help. 

Baseball and Softball

Two of the most popular sports worldwide — baseball and softball — have often been associated with the unofficial start of spring and the feeling of renewal that comes with it. Millions of boys and girls sign up for baseball and softball leagues every spring, so for the ones that make it to the playoffs, having a suitable trophy to play for can provide the perfect capper to a successful season. 

Spring Soccer

Often considered a fall sport alternative to football, the beauty of soccer is its versatility. Spring soccer leagues provide parents with the opportunity to get their kids back on the pitch to improve their on-field skills and hand-eye coordination while building lasting friendships with their teammates. Depending on the league, team members can remain consistent throughout the fall and spring seasons, creating stronger bonds. 

Soccer trophies can range from custom medals to multi-tier trophies and ribbons to reflect the scope of the accomplishments. Finding a combination that works for your youth-based sports program gets easier with the help of the Spike’s Trophies team.


Once a niche sport, lacrosse has significantly grown in popularity over the years to become one of the more popular spring sports available. With the sport gaining more traction, it focuses on agility, speed, and teamwork — all skills that your growing children need to succeed in other sports.

Spike’s Trophies has an array of lacrosse trophies available to help celebrate the accomplishments of the players and teams. While the players play hard, you want awards that celebrate those achievements. 


Sometimes kids want to participate in sports that focus on one-on-one competition. Tennis combines the cardio of sports like soccer and lacrosse with the hand-eye coordination required to succeed in baseball or softball. With youth leagues starting in the spring, tennis can give your child a unique opportunity to participate in youth sports and try a sport that doesn’t get as much fanfare among younger generations as baseball and softball. 

Come to Spike’s Trophies for Your Spring League!

Spring-based youth sports have a deep tradition of providing young athletes with opportunities to grow their games, have fun with their friends, and add to their trophy case. Finding an acrylic trophy that represents everything the young athletes put into their season is easier with our help. Browse through our selection to find your league’s awards today!