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Which Items Make Great Corporate Gifts for My Company?

The best corporate gifts leave a lasting impression and help you develop strong business relationships. Of course, anyone can send a fruit basket or a gift card with a handwritten note, but it requires a thoughtful approach and the perfect business gift to make an impact. 

There are many occasions for giving corporate gifts to your clients: showing them an appreciation for their business, celebrating a company milestone, or welcoming new clients to your business. 

Here are a few of our best corporate gifts for clients, no matter your taste or budget. Whether you need promotional items or the perfect customized gift, Spike’s Trophies has various options. 

What Are the Best Corporate Gifts for Clients?

When it comes to corporate gifts, there are many options available. You can keep it traditional with a coffee mug or send high-quality personalized gifts. Whether you’re searching for something practical for your valued client or prefer the latest technology accessory, our list of corporate gifts has something for everyone. 

High-Quality Tumbler or Coffee Mug

Whether your client prefers coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, they’ll love the perfect tumbler or mug. Custom printed products, such as bistro mugs or tumblers, make excellent customized corporate gifts for your clients.

Bottle of Wine

A bottle of wine remains one of the best corporate gifts because it combines excellent taste with the possibility of bulk shipping. We recommend checking in with your clients to ensure that they’ll enjoy an alcoholic gift. Otherwise, a customized water bottle will make a great gift.


A customized vase is a great gift for your clients because you can also send flowers. Freshly-cut flowers will look great in a vase, and your client will enjoy its beauty long after they are gone. 

Gift Set

A gift set offers numerous possibilities when it comes to custom-printed products. These options include a poker set, roller pens in a stylish gift box, or a pocket watch keychain in a wooden box. A thoughtful gift set offers a wide range of options to select the perfect gift based on your client’s interests. 

Pewter Tankard

When you want to give your client a practical and eye-catching gift, a pewter tankard may be a perfect choice. Choose from several finishes, including plain and satin, with unique designs on the exterior. 

Desk Clock

Not only does a desk clock look beautiful on your client’s desk, but it also offers the possibility of customization. In these times of advanced technology, a wooden desk clock offers a stylish conversational piece that’s also a reminder of the past. 

Sports Stein

A customized sports stein is a good gift option if your clients are sports fans and enjoy a cold beverage while watching the game. In addition, your company’s logo will look great printed on the side of a clear drinking stein. 

Leatherette Accessory

With numerous accessories, leatherette is the perfect material for your corporate gift. You can customize a notepad, business card holder, keychain, money clip, luggage tag, and many more products with your company’s logo. 

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