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7 Award Ideas for Your Summer Golf League

Winning a golf tournament is its own reward, especially if you’re playing for fun with friends or raising money for charity. But when you played your best game in a league competition and came out on top, having a tangible award for your achievement that you can brag about is pretty rewarding, too. A physical award provides an esteem boost to the winner, and it’s a great way to keep players excited and motivated to do their best. So if you are a tournament director or event coordinator planning your next tournament, you want to ensure your winners have sports awards they can hold in their hands. Here are seven award ideas for your summer golf league.

1. Golf Trophies

Who doesn’t love a classic golf trophy? Trophies are eye-catching statement pieces that say you and your team are winners. They are also powerful reminders of the pride you felt competing and winning. The best thing about trophies is that they are available in a vast assortment of sizes and designs. Designs are made of numerous materials and finishes for men, women, or teams. Trophies make great conversation pieces when showcased on shelves, mantles, desks, or trophy cases that highlight your achievement. Multi-tier trophies command attention and celebrate your big win, while smaller, single-tier trophies allow a greater variety of display options. Either way, a trophy is a winning award idea for your summer golf league.

2. Plaques

Award plaques are a great way to honor winning players or teams. They provide recognition of achievement that can be mounted on a wall for all to see in homes or offices. Not only do they make ideal keepsakes of a win, but they can motivate everyone who sees them to strive for excellence. Plagues can inspire winners to stay at the top and others to work harder to win their own plaque. Traditional cherry or ebony finish plaques with metallic engravable plates are always a suitable choice. Or, for a unique option, go for a “motion award” that includes a sculpted 3-dimensional golfer bursting through a pewter-finished resin oval. These unique awards can also be personalized and look great mounted on a wall or standing on a desk.

3. Medallions

A gold medallion dangling from a red, white, and blue ribbon hung around a winner’s neck at an awards ceremony is a terrific way to recognize a golfing achievement that conjures the feeling of a patriotic Olympic-sized win. Gifting your winners with highly-polished gold, silver, or bronze Olympic-style medals is the perfect way to recognize your top 3 players. Insert medallions let you add colorful mylar inserts featuring golf balls into the medallion to customize it for different sports. Spike’s Trophies also carries an economy line of metals that allow you to bestow embossed gold, silver, and bronze finished medals on your winners at a budget-friendly price. Medallions come in different sizes and finishes, including elegant enameled medallions, allowing you to pick the perfect size, design, and price point for your competition.  

4. Golf Cups

If Stanley can have his hockey cup, why can’t your tournament have its own cup? Using shiny silver cups as an award is a timeless recognition method with enduring appeal. Gold and nickel-plated cups in black finished bases are also available. In addition, some cups include mylar activity inserts that allow you to customize them for golf. Consider a personalized golf cup when choosing award ideas for your summer golf league.

5. Champion Rings

Many sports fans are familiar with the prized Super Bowl ring in football. It’s one of the most famous sports awards. So why not start your own tradition with a golf champion ring? Champion rings are trophies your tournament winners can wear with them anywhere, anytime. Rings are available in gold or silver finishes, and you can choose stock insert designs for the ring featuring a golf ball engraving, a full-color golf ball insert, or you can opt to have a gemstone in the center of the ring in black, blue, clear, green, pink, purple, red or yellow. Rings are an excellent prize for individual finalists or teams. Most rings are available in several sizes.

6. Crystal Golf Sculptures

Crystal awards are a classy option that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your awards ceremony. They are available in an assortment of eye-catching shapes and sizes, and many are accented with beautiful colored crystal. A gorgeous crystal golf ball on top of a clear tower would make a striking award that is sure to be sought after by competitors. Crystal golf ball towers can be laser etched with your tournament’s logo or message, and some models include a deluxe velour-lined presentation box to help keep the award safe. 

7. Golf Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are becoming increasingly popular and would make an outstanding award for the awards show at the end of your tournament or a special gift for tournament sponsors. Initially, they were used to prove that you were a unit member or served on a specific tour of duty in the military. However, they have now become popular for showing membership in an organization or as commemorative mementos of special effects and occasions. Custom challenge coins can also make a perfect award idea for your summer golf league. Die-struck custom challenge coins are available in a gold or silver finish in diameters of 1.5”, 1.75”, and 2”. They can feature a design on both sides, and spot colors are also available on one or both sides to create a stunning coin that features the colors of your organization or event and allows you to create a prized keepsake that is sure to be treasured. 

Award Categories

Now that you have some idea of what to give as an award, you need to decide what categories you want to give an award for. Depending on the theme of your event, you might want to stick to traditional categories to recognize serious players. But you can also have fun and include more whimsical categories to keep the competition entertaining and friendly. It also allows you to spread recognition to more participants, allowing them to compete in multiple categories. Here are some award categories you might want to consider:

  • Tournament winner
  • Longest drive award
  • Closest to the hole
  • Precision putter
  • Lowest score
  • Highest score
  • Most improved player 
  • MVP award
  • Closest to the pin
  • Most water hazards

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Whether setting up a friendly competition of miniature golf for friends or a full tournament out on a golf course for competitors, it’s important to consider award ideas for your summer golf league. Sports awards keep players motivated and engaged. Spike’s Trophies offers the best selection of golf trophies you’ll find anywhere. Our selection offers high-quality options for serious golf leagues that can be personalized and affordable options for fundraisers and charity golf events. No matter the size or type of award, you’ll find what you need in our easy-to-shop online catalog. So check out our selection and shop for customizable golf awards today!