Got Acknowledgment?


Knowing I was in the Recognition and Appreciation businesss, a  freind recently forwarded an article by the editor of the Chief Learning Officer magazine.  The article starts with the question “Remember the Gold Star?   The editor goes on to back up his feelings about being acknowledged and the feeling of importance he recieved by “seeing a gold star on my paper”.

Current findings in positive psychology and organizational development suggest that people and organizations flourish when they focus on achievements and best practices.

The editor’s letter states that “In her thought-provoking book The Power of Acknowledgment, Judith W. Umlas maintains that acknowledging each other’s accomplishments, talent and wisdom on a continuous basis is the grown-up equivalent of the grade school gold star and can revolutionize the workplace.”  To read the article please visit

If you would like to acknowledge someone in your organization with a “Gold Star” click here.