Famous Awards: The Country Music Awards

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This year is the 50th Country Music Awards. The awards mark the foremost commercial achievements that Country musicians, songwriters and personalities make each year. It’s the longest running televised musical award show in the world and this year is its half-centennial.


The Country Music Awards, just like Country music itself, is uniquely American. It celebrates an American artform, one that is characteristically southern but enjoyed not only in the rest of the country but across the world. The Country Music Awards have been held in Nashville, TN for the 50 years they have been around with the exception of 2005 when they were held at Madison Square Garden.


The Country Music Award itself was designed to resemble a chart bullet with its upward curvature. While the original design has remained mostly the same in the half century, the materials have changed. The original trophy was constructed out of walnut and featured a marble base. Today, the award stands at 15 inches tall, weighs 7.5 pounds and is made in Florence, Italy out of hand-blown, fine crystal.

Blake Shelton accepts the award for entertainer of the year at the 46th Country Music Association Awards in Nashville

(Source: www.reuters.com)

This year, the award show will again be televised on ABC.


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