Famous Awards: The 2016 Grammy’s

Since 1959, The grammy’s have marked the previous year’s achievement in music. The record executives of the 1950’s expressed their interest in having an award ceremony akin to the Oscars or the Emmys. After forming the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, or NARAS, the first annual award show was held. Named after Emile Berliner’s invention, The Gramophone, The Grammy’s have stood as an immense honor in the music industry for more than half a century.

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The Grammy award itself depicts an idealized gramophone in gold atop a black base where the award is inscribed. The award was altered from its original iteration in 1990 when it began to use a gold-plated metal-alloy instead of gold-plated lead, to make it more durable. The awards given during the ceremony are actually props that are recycled every year. The real award isn’t inscribed with the recipient’s name and achievement until after the event.

In 2016, there were 83 Grammy’s Awarded to artists, totaling more than 8,000 awards given since the first ceremony. The categories for awards varied from Best Music Film to Best Choral Performance to Best Rap Album. Each year, artists nominated for awards perform during the ceremony. The performances have always been momentous from Prince’s energetic “seven splits” performance in 1985 to Pink’s Aerial Gymnastics in 2011.


A Grammy Award or nomination has been shown to greatly increase the sales of a record according to Billboard, but since the turn of the century, many have questioned the relevance of an award ceremony for a medium that just doesn’t make money the way it used to. It’s no secret that physical album sales are way down and the music industry is having a harder time producing blockbuster artists. Despite this, The Grammy’s have maintained their relevance by constantly refining their roster of categories, slating the biggest artists to perform and of course, revering the greats of yesteryear.

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Here at Spike’s, we enjoy a good award show. As one of the best creators and sellers of sales awards in PA we just love to see people commemorated for a breakout performance, whether it’s on music’s biggest stage or the little league diamond.