Famous Awards: The Stanley Cup

Each year, teams from the Eastern and Western Conferences of the National Hockey League compete for The Stanley Cup, the most prestigious award in North American Hockey. The Cup is awarded to the victor of a seven-game series called The Stanley Cup Finals. Teams in the NHL compete for records all season that will allow them to enter the playoffs for a shot at being crowned the winner for that year.


The Stanley Cup is the oldest Trophy in all of North American professional sports. First awarded in 1893 after being commissioned by Lord Stanley of Preston, it has been passed from team to team for more than 120 years. By comparison, the Super Bowl just awarded its 50th trophy to a team. It was created when Lord Stanley first witnessed the game of hockey in Montreal. He fell in love with the sport and his entire family became involved in the sport. The award that Lord Stanley purchased for the reigning champions of the sport was a decorative punch bowl. A recreation of the original silver punch bowl still stands atop the trophy today.

The Stanley Cup has been redesigned several times in the past century. In its current iteration, it stands just under 3 feet tall, features a “cup” (which is actually a rose bowl) at the top of the trophy and has five bands around the base where the winning team and names of players are inscribed. When all five bands are filled by inscription, the one closest to the top (the oldest) is removed and placed in the Hockey Hall of Fame, so that a new blank band can be placed at the bottom. The Cup is made from Silver-Nickel Alloy to make it more durable and more likely to survive the celebrations of overjoyed hockey players.


Tradition has survived much longer than the original cup, for more than a century, winning hockey teams have kissed the award and drank Champagne from its bowl.

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