Awards Spotlight: The Claret Jug

At Spike’s Trophies, we know there’s nothing like the thrill of a crushed drive that launches the ball hundreds of yards, over the hazards and onto the green. Nothing like an eagle on the 18th hole that results in a win. Whether it’s the most famous jug in the sport of golf or a custom trophy in New Jerseyfor your local tournament, it’s always something special to see a player commemorated for their performance.


The Open Championship, (referred to as The British Open in the U.S.), is one of golf’s greatest tournaments. This year will be the 145th time golf pros from around the globe come to compete in one of the four major golf tournaments. The British Open is the oldest current golf tournament in the world. First held in 1860, it has a long history.


The Claret Jug (official name: The Golf Championship Trophy) was first awarded in 1873, the winner from 1872, Young Tom Morris’ name was engraved on it. The first outright winner of The Claret Jug was Tom Kidd. The award was won a record six times by Harry Vardon in the decades after Tom Kidd received the first award.


The award is presented by the Royal and Ancients Golf Club of St. Andrews based out of Fife, Scotland, known as the “Home of Golf.” It stands just over a foot tall and is silver in color. The winner has been presented with a replica of the trophy each year since 1928. The original is maintained by the R&A Club with the new winner engraved on the base each year. The winner of the tournament also receives a gold medal as part of a tradition dating back to the year before The Claret Jug was first awarded.


Over the past decade, the jug has been awarded to golfers including Tiger Woods, Padraig Harrington, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy and Zach Johnson. This year, the tournament is set to take place in Mid-July.


At Spike’s Trophies, we like to see great players hoist their awards in victory. Whether it’s Golf’s most famous jug or a little league sports trophy in Delaware, New Jersey or PA.