Youth soccer team celebrating a championship win

Youth Fall Sports Are Back — Time to Get the Trophies

With fall in full swing and pandemic measures easing around the country, returning a sense of normalcy has become more common. For most children, that means fall sports are getting into high gear, and competition is in the air. Whether it’s fall baseball, softball, soccer, or football, kids of all ages take the field to play the games they love and with their friends. To give them an added incentive, providing custom trophies at the end of the season offers that end goal for them to work towards. 

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Give The Gift Of Personalized Laser Printed Drinkware

No matter the time of year, carrying drinks around with you to work, different events, and functions are necessary for people. Whether it’s a warm cup of coffee at the office or ice-cold water on a hike in the height of summer, whatever temperature your drink should remain at for your enjoyment presents logistical challenges. Insulated drinkware has proven an essential tool in maintaining ideal temperature, but they can come in a bland or monotone color range. Continue reading

Wait, Who Are You Again? Time to Dust Off the Name Badges

With the world opening up again and people returning to work, remote work is slowly starting to transition back to an in-person work environment again. The past year has seen a drastic shift in how companies staff and the potential for high turnover rates during that time frame. For many companies, investing in a batch of fresh name badges can help your team, and customers feel a little more comfortable and at ease as we continue to transition to a post-lockdown status quo.

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Little League Is Ramping Back Up — Time To Get the Trophies

Now that the world has started opening up again and the kids have begun returning to the baseball fields for summer, it’s time to start thinking about getting the Little League trophies ready for the season. Finding ways to return them to a sense of normalcy after a tumultuous year changes how they go to school and see their friends and extended family members have put these kids through the wringer. Safely restarting the Little Leagues can help your kids feel a sense of accomplishment and normalcy they have lacked over the past year.

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The Race for the Top Seed: Can The Sixers Topple the Newest Super Team?

The NBA power structure shifted earlier this year when former Houston Rockets megastar James Harden forced his way out of town and into the waiting arms of the Brooklyn Nets. Reuniting with his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant and the volume scoring spark plug Kyrie Irving, the Nets catapulted themselves to Eastern Conference favorites over the Bucks and Sixers. However, basketball awards are earned on the court and not an analytics spreadsheet. So the Sixers spent the season rounding into shape and punching their way to the top of the conference standings. However, do they have the stamina to outlast the Nets, Bucks, and a suddenly surging New York Knicks?

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Give Your Hands a Break from Opening Doors in a Pandemic

With the vaccine rollout in full effect, some people are looking towards the brighter post-COVID future to go back to socializing, handing out baseball glove trophies for sports leagues and gathering for awards ceremonies where you can take home a cast plaque for your achievements. However, given that we are still a ways off from reaching the vaccination threshold to achieve herd immunity, there are still ways you can help protect yourself from potential exposure. If you are worried about using high-traffic areas such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets, card readers, and the like, then a kooty key may be the answer you seek! Continue reading

Can The Phillies Get Over the Hump and Back into the Playoffs?

With April fast approaching, MLB players have descended on Florida and Arizona to prepare for the coming 162-game marathon after last season’s 60 game sprint to the finish. The old adage that “everyone is a contender in March” applies as every team gears up for the season with visions of playoff baseball dancing in their heads. One team that hasn’t seen the postseason in almost a decade and is ready to break through again is the Philadelphia Phillies, led by Bryce Harper, Aaron Nola, JT Realmuto, and Zach Wheeler. However, facing down a stacked National League East division and an equally stacked Wild Card hunt, the path to the playoffs will be anything but easy. Do the Phillies have what it takes to enter the fall classic and make some noise?  Continue reading

Wentz is Gone: Where Do the Eagles Go From Here?

Well, the worst kept secret in Philadelphia is out: the Philadelphia Eagles have dealt the assumed franchise quarterback, Carson Wentz, to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2021 third-round draft pick and a conditional 2022 second rounder that can potentially become a first. Not quite the dazzling haul that general manager Howie Roseman gave up to get the touted quarterback prospect back in 2016. In an offseason where the coach that brought the team’s first Super Bowl, Doug Pederson, was shown the door, and the quarterback you were supposed to build around, Carson Wentz, was dealt for pennies on the dollar, questions remain. Where do the Eagles go from here, and is there any hope that they won’t be in the NFC East’s cellar for the next few seasons?

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