Going Outside the Box: How Spike’s Trophies Answers the Call To Help Others

The COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone through the wringer in one form or another. One aspect of this pandemic that has hit particularly hard is the loss of jobs and the struggles of unemployment centers to fulfill everyone’s needs. In these challenging times, knowing that you have somewhere to go in your current situation and make an effort to claim your benefits can make all the difference. It’s why members of the Spike’s Trophies team, known as one of Philadelphia’s best engraving services, have begun partnering with AnswerNet to assist California and New York — two of the states hit hardest by COVID-19 — with unemployment calls.  Continue reading

Bringing PPE to the Our First Responders

Going into 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic remains a significant part of everyday life. Calls for social distancing, use of PPE, and people to stay vigilant still rule the day. Getting PPE into the hands of the people who desperately need it remains a challenge for local governments and policymakers while the COVID-19 vaccine begins its initial rollout. However, finding enough PPE for their essential hospital workers has become a tricky proposition, whether it be for doctors, nurses or other staff members. However, since we have pivoted in response to the ongoing crisis to develop PPE in the form of masks, gloves, sneeze guards, face shields, and more, we are now able to get them the PPE supplies necessary to stay safe while caring for others and administering these vaccines.  Continue reading

Give Team Camaraderie a Boost With These Gift Ideas!

This holiday season has been a strange one for everyone. For people who have grown accustomed to spending a lot of time with their coworkers every winter, employee morale could be dropping as a result. While remote work brings video chat to the forefront and helps people feel a little more connected to their teammates, it’s not the same as when everyone is in the same room feeding off each other’s energy. Given the renewed lockdown measures and the continued prevalence of working from home for the foreseeable future, are there steps employers can take to help boost employee spirits and bring back that sense of family? Luckily, with the help of Spike’s Trophies and our laser engraving services in the Philadelphia area, you have plenty of options!

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Holiday Gift Ideas From Spike’s Trophies

Shopping for your friends and family during the holidays can be a long adventure, with finding everything on your shopping list for your loved ones becoming a bit complicated. The biggest struggle has always been finding the balance between a gift from the heart and one they can get practical use out of. While you can get your friends customizable basketball trophies to commemorate your battles on the courts or some nifty travel coffee tumblers from other places, they lack the personal touch that holiday gifts need. Thanks to Spike’s Trophies, you can find the perfect customizable gifts for your loved ones this holiday season with a variety of options! 

Gift Sets, Travel Sets, and More!

Getting the right gift set from your holiday shopping list is one of the most anxiety-inducing parts of the holiday season. Finding the perfect gift set that has things people will use and utility that goes beyond a few uses is part of what goes into making a holiday gift genuinely pay off. Thanks to our customization capabilities, we can take your gift sets and give them an added personal touch geared towards the recipient. For example, if you’re looking for a coffee mug, you can personalize it with a special holiday message, image, or logo to create an enduring holiday memory!

As the world slowly goes back to some semblance of normal, people will start traveling again with greater frequency. To help get your loved ones ready for the new travel plans, take the time to get them outfitted with customized travel gift sets this holiday season! Having travel-sized mugs, tumblers, and other travel essentials give you more options during your future adventures.

While holiday shopping is usually something that presents a significant challenge, this year it doesn’t have to be! With the help of Spike’s Trophies, not only can you find the right cast awards for your organization, but you can also find the perfect holiday gift sets for everybody on your list this year! Browse our entire inventory of gift items, see how we can customize your gift, and place your order today!

Retooling On The Fly: Daryl Morey’s Draft Night Success Story

Going into this truncated offseason, the Sixers had a few items that needed their immediate attention. With Daryl Morey only taking over as President of Basketball Operations two weeks prior, analysts and Sixers fans alike wondered what he could accomplish in such a short turnaround. Would he be able to work his draft-night trade magic? Could James Harden be on the way to the Sixers without having to give up Ben Simmons in return? Would he be able to dump Al Horford’s contract and add shooters? Morey answered these questions with savvy moves, veteran leadership, and a dash of Process Trusting. While it may still be premature to hand him some customized basketball trophies from Spike’s Trophies, let’s break down some of the moves from NBA Draft night. 

The End of the Horford Era

You could see the logic behind Elton Brand’s move to sign Al Horford to his 4 year, $109 million contract last offseason; weaken the Celtics by taking away their center, pair one of the few players in the NBA who can back down Joel Embiid and make him look like a league-average player, and create a new stalwart defensive identity for the Sixers. It made sense from this point of view. However, the on-court fit between the two big men never quite clicked. Eventually, the Sixers had to eschew their expensive offseason prize to get some semblance of balance on the floor. But with three years still left on his deal, moving Horford was always going to be an uphill battle. Well, for everyone not named Daryl Morey. 

Morey was able to package Horford, the 34th pick in this year’s draft, and a lightly-protected 2025 first round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson. Green’s shooting ability and smart defense makes him a better fit around Embiid and Simmons than Horford, while Ferguson represents an excellent flier on a small forward coming off a down season who has shown flashes of being a quality 3-and-D player. The best part was that Moorey didn’t have to give up this year’s first-round pick and went on to draft Kentucky’s Tyreese Maxey, who was considered a lottery pick at one point. Getting two players back that are theoretically much better fits around your two all-star cornerstones is icing on the draft night cake. But Morey wasn’t done yet.

Get More Shooters, No Matter The Cost

Josh Richardson came over to the Sixers last year during the Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade (that still stings a little bit). While Richardson is a tenacious defender and could theoretically be a prototypical 3-and-D piece to help balance the floor, his shooting regressed last season and didn’t deliver in the ways the Sixers hoped. So, in Morey’s never-ending quest to surround Joel and Ben with shooters, the Sixers’ new head of basketball operations sent Richardson and the 36th pick in the 2020 draft to the Dallas Mavericks for sharpshooter Seth Curry — yes, he’s related to that Curry, and he’s also Doc Rivers’ son-in-law. Seth brings a clean shooting stroke and a 40.6% 3 point percentage that will help space the floor for Ben and Joel more than we saw with last year’s squad. 

With the 2020 NBA draft in the books, Daryl Morey has begun reshaping the Sixers roster into something that better compliments his two stars and puts the team in a better position to succeed. Will they have the firepower to take down the Celtics, Heat, and Bucks at the top of the Eastern Conference and get them to the Finals? Only time will tell on that front, but the Sixers fans have hope again.

The effort that Daryl Morey put into this draft deserves a cast award for his performance, like the ones found at Spike’s Trophies. Browse through our store to find the awards and trophies for all of your needs this holiday season!

The Doc Is In: Doc Rivers Signs 5 Year Contract to Coach The Sixers

After seven long years of downs, downs, more downs, then ups, and a pandemic altered final season, Brett Brown is out as the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Coach Brown lasted through the duration of The Process that saw the team fall to the bottom of the NBA totem pole, as well as the Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons era of untapped potential that got fans thinking an NBA title wasn’t entirely out of the question. After underachieving throughout 2020 while failing to get out of the Playoff Bubble’s first round, Coach Brown was relieved of his duties. No word if anyone will be commissioning any customized basketball trophies to commemorate Coach Brown’s time in Philadelphia.

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I Didn’t Know You Did Insulated Drinkware!

In the fall and winter, the quest to keep your morning coffee hot throughout the morning is a significant one. It’s often a race against time to get to your destination and have your drink still warm upon arrival, because no one wants room temperature coffee or tea after a long commute. People have turned to overpriced name-brand insulated drinkware in an attempt to keep their hot drinks hot in the morning, but wouldn’t it be better for everyone to have access to a well-made and customizable beverage container that isn’t overpriced?

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Raise Your Fantasy League’s Stakes with Custom Trophies!

Sundays are for the Birds, wings, home tailgating, and obsessively refreshing your fantasy football team to check their progress. Millions of people participate in fantasy football leagues with their friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers they meet on the internet. Checking your fantasy team’s stats has become an essential part of the American football experience.

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Keeping Companies Protected with Safety Kits

As more companies are starting to see their employees return to work, they make plans to keep their work-family safe. With everyone worried about how to navigate returning to work in the middle of a global pandemic, there are ways that you can help put their minds at ease and make the transition back to the office as seamless as possible. To boost these efforts, Spike’s Trophies has begun shifting from crafting custom signs in Philadelphia to creating safety kits for companies and their employees as they return to the office!

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